How to Promote your Shopify Store (Ultimate Guide)

Owning a Shopify store is one part, but attracting visitors to it is another part, which is definitely a real challenge!!

Always remember that your overall traffic is not good traffic. That means, emphasizing the efforts to attract those who find value in your services and products.

This is how you can convert them into paying customers. The influential way to carry this out is by making a multi-approach and comprehensive marketing strategy. Accordingly, you can delight the target customers with different promotional channels, like, as social media, blog content, email marketing, and paid advertising, etc.

We all know that Shopify is the world’s most popular eCommerce platform. More than half a million entrepreneurs are already using this service to conduct business. The platform is characterized by the presence of a large number of different functions that greatly simplify the processes of filling the store with goods, changing the appearance of the website, receiving and processing orders, and much more.

Choosing Shopify for the eCommerce website development and promoting it to attract more and more visitors is definitely the best deal.  So, here in this article, we are presenting to you the best ways to promote your online store to get more beneficial results. So, without any further delay, let’s get started!!

Best Tips to Promote Your Shopify Store

Choose Search Engines for Website Optimization

If you are thinking about Shopify Store promotion, then start by choosing a search engine for Shopify store optimization. When the visitors look for some specific product then they prefer search engines such as Google. When you are optimizing the Shopify website to be visible in some appropriate searches, then, you can get more potential leads. Below are some of the best ways to carry out Search engine optimization to the best:

Optimize for Suitable Keywords

To be in suitable searches, you have to use relevant keywords on the web page. You can get related keywords by researching the keywords. With the keyword research tools, such as KeywordsFX you can get the appropriate terms to the product pages. With the list of keyword options, prioritize the long-tail keywords. The long-tail keywords three or four words like, include“extra large beach towel.”

These types of long-tail keywords are best for your online store as they can get you more relative leads. As the long-tail keywords are simple, so, the users have more precise search intent and prefer to check out the business, as there are more chances of their conversion.

After selecting the keywords, you can include them in the web pages to rank those terms. But, one piece of advice here is that do not overuse them, as it can impact the ranking negatively.

Title Tag and Meta Description Optimization

The title tag and meta description are important components for assisting in ranking in search results. The title tag is the title the visitors are looking for in search results while the listing appears.

Google and users use the title tags to know if the web page is right or not. To have more results from the title tag, include the core keyword to be in the beginning and stay within the 60-character limit.

On the other hand, the meta description is the short summary below the title tag that specifies the page content. It is the description that offers visitors a preview of what they can anticipate on the web page. Leverage the core keyword in the description and stick to 155 characters or less to improve the results.

Assure the Website Loads Quickly

The visitors do not like to wait for the website to load to purchase the products. If the website is taking more time to load, you can run the risk of visitors leaving the website and shopping at the competitor’s store.

Consider the Google PageSpeed Insights to examine the website’s current load time. This website allows you to monitor how quickly your Shopify store is loading and how you can improve it to get thriving results. Also, you can invest in page speed services if you want to have a digital marketing company to improve the website loading time.

Use Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Ads to Get More Qualified Leads

For effectively promoting the Shopify store, use PPC advertising. These types of ads are paid which appears at the top of the best search result above the organic listing. The PPC ads are assisting you to get more profit for the business.

To use PPC ads, you have to choose the keywords that trigger your ads to be in the related search engines so that you can get the best keywords for your ad. Similar to SEO, it is best to concentrate on long-tail keywords. There is no denying the fact that the long-tail keywords are less costly because it has less competition. After having your keywords, you can bid for the placement. After bidding to the maximum, you can pay if someone clicks on the ad. The bid amount is flexible and you can alter it according to the requirement.

The quality score and bid amount can be the placement. The quality score has many factors such as Click Through Rate (CTR), ad relevance, etc. In general, the ad with more relevant keywords has a higher quality score. After uploading the ad content, you can launch the ad and get leads to the business.

Use Social Media Ads to Make Your Shopify Store Visible

The first thing that comes to everyone’s mind while thinking about promoting the Shopify store is social media advertisement.  This way, you can get more customers for your business. Social media ads are an outstanding way to attract more and more customers.

These platforms (social media) provide advanced targeting and make it simple for you to get customers at the Shopify store.  You can use many platforms to delight the target audience, like; Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. For creating stronger social media ads, check out the below tips:

Use High-quality Visuals

The visuals are the essential component of the social media ads that attract more customers and make them engaged.  Assure that the visuals are high-quality, clear, and pleasing visually.

Analyze Different Ad Formats

Several social media platforms provide different ad formats, so do not be anxious to examine them.  The formats can vary according to the platform, however, you should choose other forms to know what works for the business.

Examine and Filter

To get the most from social media ads, ensure to examine the performance and filter them when you get results.  Accordingly, you can improve your investment.

Use Email Marketing to Attract Customers Close to Conversion

Email marketing is also one of the best options to market the Shopify store. With this type of marketing, you can send personalized content to those who are involved in your business.

To start the Shopify store promotion from email, you must have several subscribers. These subscribers can be gained by including an email sign-up bar on either the footer or header of the website. Also, you can use email signup pop-ups to get the customer’s attention.

After having the list of subscribers, you can segment them into groups according to their interests. Indeed, you do not want to send the same email to everyone, there are many who are interested in your business for different reasons. Hence, you have to send the information related to their interests. Many types of emails can be sent to the subscribers, like,

New product announcements, Newsletters, Videos, Blog posts, Sales or promotions, and Special offers, etc.

You like to ensure that you personalize the customer’s experience and send them the content type according to their interests. With the right connection to the customers, you can send relevant information to them.

Build a Referral Marketing Program

The simplest way to promote the Shopify store is by using referral marketing. Referral marketing is when you depend on the current customers to introduce your family and friends to the business.

This marketing strategy is more powerful as the users trust recommendations from those they know. There are almost 92% of visitors trust recommendations on the brand. When you support the content customers to promote others, the visitors are more likely to follow.

Hence, how do you set up the referral program for success? After creating the referral program, you assuredly offer the advantages for referrals and current customers.

Hence, you can offer 30% off on the orders of both parties. Accordingly, the referrer is urged to recommend your business to family and friends as they will get money off when the visitor shops. The referral can shop as they are getting money off on their first order.

Start Guest Blogging

Certainly, blogging is the best way to share the invaluable tips that customers prefer and to highlight unique new events. Like, if you have a Shopify store for fashion eCommerce, then, your customers would likely be interested in the leading fashion tips on the web and according to your experience. Additionally, they will be glorified when you include them as the feature story on the blog for the fashion-savvy or for sharing fashion tips for the new ones.

Because the blog posts are shared on social media by the readers and customers, then, you can experience high traffic to the blog that allows the visitors to check the online Shopify store. You can also check from where the traffic is coming (that is from the search engines) on time if the articles or tips are valuable to fashion enthusiasts. This marketing type is termed inbound marketing as the #1 way to start the dialogue with potential customers.

To make the reach more, you can also guest blog on the leading industry websites. Instead of providing the best content to the leading website, you can also link to the existing blog articles, send traffic to the web pages, or drive traffic via author bio to the company’s social media website or accounts.

Use Social Media to Attract Attention, Not for Selling

Social media websites, such as Pinterest, Linked In, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ are outstanding tools for promoting the Shopify store. However, it is not the way you think. Many types of research have shown that it takes 7 to 20 times to check the advertisement before the buyers decide to purchase. While competing with many brands setting self-promotional messages, it is easy to get lost and quickly lose the attention of customers. Hosting engaging social media contests with the help of contest templates can be a powerful strategy to promote your Shopify store effectively. These contests not only capture the attention of potential customers but also provide multiple touchpoints for them to engage with your brand, ultimately increasing the likelihood of converting leads into loyal shoppers.

One way to solve this problem is to leverage social media accounts to attract attention instead of selling. Why not direct people to review the Shopify store where you have fashion products, why not share your blog posts highlighting fashion tips, or not share very great accessories that users might like to share with friends (not necessarily yours) image?

When you start using social media accounts to attract the customer base instead of selling to them, your content will change from “fun”, “self-promotion”, “cool” and “useful”. As more people follow you and like the page, this investment will pay off and every moment, you can get great discounts or sales. The customers can tolerate self-promotion, as of the existing track record of providing the best content.

Run YouTube Video Ads

Video streaming accounts for more than 60% of global traffic, which implies that video advertising is becoming more and more essential for comprehensive promotional strategies. Nowadays, video advertisements can be built at economical prices without costing much as you are not targeting the subscribed channels.

With the incorporation of eCommerce, the ads could be used for brand awareness, education tools, and lead generation. If you have less experience with getting video ads, it is better to outsource production to a skilled freelancer who assures that your ads are concise, clear, and have quick influence. You have only some seconds to attract viewers to the YouTube video, therefore, you have to ensure that you make the most of the money.

Enhance Focus on Content Marketing

Several eCommerce retailers do not believe that having a blog is helpful and they could not be more wrong. With every blog article, you can provide a potential portal for the product, and visitors can discover them with Google search results.

In addition, the users interested in the products will mark a brand with authenticity and credibility in their industry, and this is exactly what you can build with a properly designed blog. By posting insightful and high-quality articles, you can contribute value and reveal information that your potential customers cannot discover, including competitors’ websites.

To make content marketing successful, you have to set aside the time to examine the interests of the potential customers, determine what their pain points are, and give answers to their questions and concerns without selling them something. For lasting success with the content you build:

  • Assure to consider if or not the article is productive for the year or not.
  • Proceed to use free tools (like Google Analytics and Google Search Console) and paid tools (such as heat maps and keyword position trackers) to view clicks and sales trends.
  • Revisit the published content every few months to see if you can make it better.

Concluding  Remarks

So, how are you promoting the Shopify store, and what do you think is more efficient?

Tell us what according to you is the best tip. We would love to hear from you!!  Do share your comments and suggestions below in the comment section below.

Thank you for reading!!

Viviana Folliero is a Manager at Awebstar, a Shopify development company in Singapore which is also dealing with website designing and development, digital marketing, logo designing, google AdWords advertising and more.

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