How to Market Your Writing Service?

When marketing your writing services, you should adopt the principles and perspective of a businessman. Even if you’re exceptional in writing but no one is interested to buy your written works, it’s an exercise in futility.

Whether you are an enthusiast writing quality articles and competitive blog posts for a living or an owner of the site that provides personal statements, professional academic papers, and cheap dissertation editing services, this guide is for you. Use these simple tips on how to market your writing services.

#1. Create Social Media Accounts

According to, there are 2.65 billion people who used social media globally. The use of social media made a powerful impact on the community, commerce, and lives of the people around the world.

It will be easier to promote products and services using social media. Create a business page for your service, attract people with useful content and promotions, and join relevant groups to offer your services.

Consider creating social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest to advertise your services. It would also be great if you could set up chatbots to quickly answer any inquiries from your potential clients.

#2. Use Email Newsletters

Set up an email newsletter to notify the subscribers of your page of any updates. You can also use these email newsletters to offer promotional discounts.

Moreover, the newsletters help to preserve your relationship with the existing clients, reminding them that you exist, grow, and improve your services.

#3. Start a Blog

Blogging can help in attracting organic traffic to your website and persuading potential customers to buy your services and engage existing ones, thus cementing their loyalty. The key is to keep a balance of promotional stuff and calls to action with useful and engaging content.

Another thing to make your blog successful is to commit to regular updates. Your blog must be always current and relevant. Writing articles and blog posts for other websites may also help you boost the ranking of your own website. You will provide your expertise and quality content for them in exchange for a backlink to your website in your author’s byline. This guide to guest posting explains this in detail.

#4. Consider a Vlog

Aside from blogs, you may also use videos to promote your services. A vlog is the best way to engage younger strata of your target demographics since students nowadays prefer watching a video guide with step-by-step instructions over wading through a long read.

In a vlog, you can do reviews, practical guides, how-tos, or entertain your audience with fail stories. You can also do “My top 10 recommendations” video and mention your website among the top 5. Do not exaggerate, but create a meaningful video to help the community choose the best writing services.

#5. Expand Your Reach

Generally, marketers use popular social media platforms where the competition might be high already. It is best to consider other social networking sites such as LinkedIn, Tumblr, Reddit, Myspace, or Quora.

You can also join forums to answer questions and offer your expertise on the topic, building a reputation of the opinion leader in your field. Some of the best marketers recommend mentioning your website or adding a link in your profile to increase the exposure of your website and your client base, eventually.

#6. Guest Post

Writing articles and blog posts for other websites may also help you boost the ranking of your own website. You will provide your expertise and quality content for them in exchange for a backlink to your website in your author’s byline.

These backlinks are similar to citations. They increase the relevance of the page and Google will evaluate the importance of the content on that page.

How does this technique help in your marketing? Well, it helps your website ranking and the site becomes more visible to the people who look for your services. Thus, it brings traffic and helps to promote your website.

#7. Motivate the Customers via Social Proof

What keeps the customers hesitant? Well, probably it’s their budget but most likely, customers become hesitant to buy if they don’t see any proof that the service is legit.

Social proof indicates the positive and negative reviews of the product or service. This is a powerful marketing strategy to convince customers to use your service or buy your product.

Usually, you can allow your customers to post comments, reviews, testimonials, or pictures showing that they are satisfied with your product or service. You will be able to gain the trust of your clients and meet their expectations.

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