How to Make out the Most of your Marketing Strategy in 2019

With every new year always come new goals. If we are talking about your business then growing is always the ultimate goal.

To achieve that you’ll first have to define your weaknesses as well as your strong parts. And you will have to focus equally on both.

When it comes to Marketing and specifically the digital one this translates to acknowledging your market. The trends, the new technologies, your competition or potential opportunities. It already got complicated.

So you’ll have to come with a plan to help you stay focused throughout the year.

In this article, I may not provide you with a fully detailed Marketing plan but I’ll give you some simple ideas on how to better organize your time in order to be more productive.

Create a Marketing Calendar

It’s as simple as that.

And in my opinion, it should be your number one priority. Creating a Marketing calendar will not only help you be proactive with your actions but it will also push you to visualize and better understand your strategy.

If you don’t know how to create a Marketing calendar there is plenty of information out there to help you get started.

Create your Ideal Buyer Persona

If you already haven’t, just go ahead, right now and create a list with your buyer’s traits.

This is an important step if you want to make out the most of your customers. By understanding what drives your sales you will be able to create even more of them.

Additionally, you may also be able to find out some flaws in your product or service that you hadn’t noticed earlier and they were responsible for sales losses.

If you are wondering how you can understand your customer’s persona the best way to do it is with the use of testimonials. These can provide you with great insights and give you a panoramic view of your audience.

Use a CRM Software

You’ve probably heard that CRM is a software that is usually used by the sales teams and that’s true. But even a marketing team can take advantage of it.

CRM’s purpose is to help you stay organized within your contact list. Especially if you are using a link building strategy where you will have to outreach a wide number of people to negotiate with them.

CRM will also help you organize your tasks and set deadlines. Personally, I’ve found the use of CRM software’s necessary since I have to deal daily with a lot of tasks and contacts.

Also, the fact that you can cover your basic needs with free versions of most CRM’s out there makes it a no-brainer.

Read, Read, Read

If you hate educating yourself then… bad news for you.

Because you’ll need a lot of that secret ingredient.

If there is something that separates 20th with 21st-century Marketing then  it’s the technological evolution that continuously creates new tools, practices, and opportunities for marketers.

This can work in your favor since there is so much information provided by the internet today. If you want to be more competitive in your niche you’ll have to understand the trends and implement them in your strategy.

Being able to always be ahead of your competition along with some creativity and  strategic thinking, will make your marketing efforts stand out in the long term.

That’s it.

Of course, there are a ton of ways to develop as a Marketer but I wanted to keep this article simple.

The points above while basic they can make a huge impact on the way you work.

Don’t panic.

You don’t have to add everything in your workflow immediately. Instead, I would suggest starting simple, by adding only one them. Later and after you’ll have created your new workflow habit you can move further.

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