How to Choose an Air Compressor: The Selection Software

You are not sure how to choose an air compressor? The compressor selection software of Dorin helps you with that. In this article, we will give advice in order to make the best choice based on your real needs, but remember that the compressor selection software is the most valuable tool you can have.

There is actually a very simple way to find out which compressor model is right for you. This method is the classic “question and answer”: somebody ask questions (we) and you will give answers. Let’s start then.

Do you need a compressor that can easily be carried anywhere? If you want to always have the compressor with you, then the best choice is the portable compressor. A product with non-voluminous dimensions that can be transported with extreme ease since it is also light.

Compressor with belt drive or coaxial transmission? In case of continuous and intense uses, we recommend the belt compressor. For uses that are not professional, we recommend the coaxial compressor. The latter are in fact more suitable for hobbyists and, with the same characteristics, they have a lower price.

Are you looking for a compressor to inflate your car’s tires? Then you just need a compressor designed for cars.

Compressor tank: what is the ideal capacity? Much depends on the type of use and needs. The larger the tank, the less air inside will end up. So, for a hobbyist who has to perform only domestic tasks, we recommend a 24 liters. But or compressor, while for the professionals, we recommend the 50 litres compressors. If you need a compressor for really heavy and continuous tasks, then the final choice should be a not a less than 100 liters compressor.

Do you need a compressor for agricultural uses? An electric model is not able to help you in this case, but a motor compressor does. It boasts an internal combustion engine which therefore does not need to be powered electrically. That means: No cable that would limit its range of action. For these agricultural uses there are also specific models that work simply by connecting them to the tractor, ie. the tractor compressors.

Do you want to be free to use the compressor anywhere? Electric models must necessarily be connected to an electrical outlet. In this case, the optimal choice is to opt for battery-powered compressors. You can use them wherever you want thanks to the presence of a lithium battery. The only pitfall is that they cannot guarantee the same power as the electric models.

What is the ideal pressure level? The higher the pressure level (measured in bar or psi), the greater the air supply. For simple domestic use (i.e. inflation, blowing, painting, etc.) an 8 bar compressor can work.

Lubricated or dry compressors? Lubricated compressors need more maintenance, over time they can release oily particles and the oil contaminates the air. However, it is precisely the lubrication that makes them longer-lasting and ideal for more demanding jobs. Dry compressors, on the other hand, are less efficient but do not release oily particles and do not pollute the air. It is no coincidence that they are also used in healthcare settings. The maintenance operations are also drastically reduced.

Are you looking for a compressor that does not disturb? In this case, you can opt for a very specific category, ie the silenced compressors. They will for sure not bother you or those around you. This is due to the presence of the soundproof structure that is able to attenuate the noise caused by the engine.

So, in the end you will be asking: „Which air compressor should I buy?“ We have given some examples of some questions that you should ask yourself when choosing among different air compressors. But only a compressor selection software can give you the final and specific answer.

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