How to Apply For a Kredittkort På Dagen – A Brief Guide

When it comes to applying for and getting a credit card on the same day, people do not know how to go about it. This is because it usually requires a lot of processes.  It starts from the application to assessment, then approval.  On average, this process could take some days or a week. No doubt, this has been the situation over the years.

However, with the advent of technological advancement, a lot has changed. In a space of 60 seconds, your credit card can be ready for use.  your income and credit score determine whether you qualify for a credit card or not when you apply for it. If you have a good score and your income is stable, you get an opportunity to enjoy speedy approval. If you need more information about getting it instantly, you can visitå-dagen/ and without any stress, you can have your needs met in no time.

Also, have it in mind that they come in different types and can be issued by different financial companies. This usually contributes to the time of approval. Some issuers can also decide to issue you a virtual one that is already synchronized with a mobile wallet. You could use this immediately after it has been approved.

In this article, we will do a quick review of how to apply for and get a credit card on the same day. Please keep reading as we explain more.

How Credit Cards Approval Work

After applying for one, the issuer carefully considers the information submitted in the application. The issuer takes note of your credit score, credit history, income, and other debt responsibilities listed in the application. This process is made faster by the use of some computer software like Experian and Bisnode.  The software displays all information about you and your financial history.

The issuing companies then use this information to give their approval. There is no hard rule about this. What is important is that your credit score is not in a bad shape and you have a good credit history. This way, you have the assurance of getting one that best suits your interest.

How to Apply For a Credit Card and Get it on the Same Day

The following are the ways to apply for it and get it that same day:

Choose a Card Type

Instant Approval Cards

Card issuers do not just offer only one type of credit cards. They have varieties including the ones that are approved instantly.  With this, you escape the long process of awaiting approval for days or weeks. The issuers inform the applicants whether their application is approved or not within seconds of application.

If you are having a hard time getting a new one, you can just try this quick option.

Accelerated Shipping

This process basically involves speeding up the delivery process. In situations where the distance of the issuer is far away, it usually takes up to 9-10 working days for it to be delivered to your doorstep. To save time, an extra fee can be paid for accelerated delivery. Using e-mail services can make this process faster

Digitalized Cards

With the internet, you can order goods and pay for them online. This also applies to credit cards. You can apply for one online and use it online. Without any physical transaction, card issuers can approve it; send you details of the card number and where you can link it to a mobile wallet.

You can imagine sitting on your sofa and making your transactions without any effort.  Cryptocurrency credit cards are also available. You can move with the trend by embracing digital cards.

 “Instant Use” Cards

Instant-use options are quite different from instantly approved cards. Both of them provide quick access to credits. The difference is that in the “instant use” options, the approval may not be immediate, but you will have access to use it straight away. Also, you can use it to make purchases digitally and physically instantly.

Credit Assessment

After choosing a card type, the next step involves assessing your credit score and history. As stated earlier, computerized software makes this easier.  The requirement of every issuing company differs based on an analysis of income, payment history, and outstanding debts. Once this is done, if your application meets up with their requirements, it would be approved. But if it does not, you will receive an e-mail to this effect.

After approval, it is issued electronically or physically. After which you will need to activate it.

Activate Your Credit card

After receiving your physical or digital card, the next step is to make it active. It needs to be activated before you can use it. This is a simple process generally. You just need to follow the instructions, and you are good to go. Some issuers require you to dial a code, insert the card number, and then select your new pin.

You could also download your card issuer’s app so that you can easily access and manage the card at any time. Additionally, with the app, you get access to other useful services that can help you check your spending, activate autopay options, get rewards, and others.

Helpful Tips to Consider When Applying For And Getting A Credit Card On The  Same Day

Here are some helpful tips to consider:

  • Do not be in a hurry to choose. Read and understand the pros and cons of each option.
  • Ensure that you have a Bank ID before applying
  • Always keep your card in a safe place to avoid it being hacked.

These are some of the helpful tips you should consider. If you need more tips, you can check here.


We have discussed how credit card approval work and how to apply for them in this article. It is important to always ensure that you monitor your finances. This includes managing your income and expenses well. When using cards, interest starts running from the day you use them. So, plan ahead even before applying for it.

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