How Test Management Tools are Useful for Remote Teams?

From work visibility to transition in timings to communication issues, there are a set of challenges that come up with the remote work environment. Not every job or duty can be carried out remotely but there are few domains that allow you to work perfectly fine in the remote capacity if you have the required tools and the team is capable enough to perform well without micromanagement. The remote work model is becoming popular with time and now businesses are deliberately considering the reality and effectiveness of a distributed workforce with which they can carry out the duties irrespective of physical location. There would be few challenges in this journey but once you know about the tools required for each purpose then the process would become smooth.

Usually testing teams who work remotely have to encounter issues regarding

  • Performance
  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Leadership
  • Workload
  • Teamwork

But they can effectively deal with these issues by incorporating test case management tools, communication tools, KPI tracking tools, Attendance management tools, and project management tools.

Useful Tools for Remote Teams

With physical distance, emotional distance tends to increase too if the situation is not dealt with properly. To ensure that your team has a better sense of understanding and there is no sort of communication barrier between them, incorporate tools and activities through which employees stay connected.

Zoom – Timely and Face-to-Face Meetings

There is no doubt that you can discuss projects over the call or through a telephonic conference but a video meeting would be a lot more impactful. You can easily read the facial expressions or your colleagues and understand the environment in which they are working. This is a necessary tool to bridge the physical gap then this regular visual conversation will keep you connected. This dynamic space allows you to hold one-on-one conversions as well as a full-fledged corporate virtual gathering.

Project Management Tools

A project management tool plays an integral part to manage all the work progress. With these tools, everyone stays connected and informed 24/7. All the members know about their goals and can trace the progress easily. Project management ensures to display a bigger picture of the project. Since all the members are connected through similar tools, it means they can access similar information at the same time while being distant physically. It fosters an environment of unity and with these simple integrations, everyone is motivated to put in the efforts which can make the work successful.

Test Case Management Tools

Test case management tools ensure to keep all your QA efforts centralized irrespective of time and location. As these tools come up with a flexible set of filters so all testers can organize their data in such a way that works best for them. It allows make it easy for the testers to share the artifacts with your team and tasks can be automatically assigned to different members through a simple click. These tools are usually fast and responsive which enable them to build a secure and responsive remote work environment. Keeping in view the security concerns, all aspects are considered in detail which promise to protect the data.

Attendance Management Tools

Attendance and time management tools also help to monitor the work of the employees and how they are performing their duties. With these tracking methods, employers can see how employees are spending their time and what a person does on an average day to meet the targets. It helps to understand the performance of the employees and measures can be taken to increase productivity.

Without these tools, it is impossible to monitor the working hours of the employees and to ensure if they are meeting their targets timely or not. These tools maintain a digital log which includes a list of completion of goals, estimated time, and projects’ necessary information.


Managing a remote business or team may seem challenging but with the investment in the right tools, it saves you time and efforts exponentially. You can easily communicate and collaborate at any time from anywhere and streamline all your operations as per your requirements. Time to upgrade your business capabilities and work in an ideal way to meet your set targets.

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