How Technology is Changing the World?

Stop whatever you are doing right now. Pause and reflect. Look at the world around you and compare it to the world 15 years ago. Surely, you will notice and appreciate how far we have come. You can keep thinking all day long but you will never stop counting the changes technology trends brought in our lives. As humans, we have always strived for the better. The pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness are interlinked to technology. It has made us free and happy. Survival is only possible because of technology.

However, we still think that it would be criminal on our part to talk about technology without mentioning the internet. The present technology is incomplete without the internet. The way it has connected all of us and turned the world into a global village is beyond appreciation.

5G technology is all set to empower us. With this technology, we will be able to bridge the delay between two intervals making our day-to-day tasks faster. Even the cable internet companies are doing exceptionally well. For example, you can get speeds up to 1 Gig with Cox internet plans. Similarly, fiber companies such as FiOS have also reached the 1 Gig barrier. There are numerous other ways technology is changing the world. This article will explore all those different ways:

Energy-efficient Vehicles 

Back in the past, our automobiles used to run on combustible engines. These engines were powered by energy produced by petroleum products. This possess a serious threat to the environment as these engines release harmful chemicals in the air.

With the introduction of the eco-friendly and electric engine, we are now able to conserve the environment. These cars have good fuel consumption means they give the same performance with less induction of fuel. Moreover, electric cars are slowly taking over roads. These electric cars are eco-friendly and have zero emissions.

Although we still rely on petrol engines with the help of technology, people are slowly shifting to electric and eco-friendly cars. This new technology has started this influx of consumers that will only get better with time to come.

Better Health-Span 

Throughout history, scientists have been working to increase the human life span. Even with all the research, they still are not able to. However, they have changed their perspective and started to work on increasing the health-span. As long as you are alive, science must strive to keep you healthy.

Technology has changed the health industry. With better medicines, procedures, and interventions, we can cure diseases that were not possible before. Research in nutrition has helped to identify food that makes us healthy. Therefore, technology in this aspect is making the world healthier.

Better Communication 

Technology has brought a great difference in the communication realm. People can communicate with one another irrespective of geographical boundaries. It does not matter whether you are oceans apart. You can stay in touch with the help of your phone, text message, or video call. Then we have social media in our society. It helps us stay connected 24/7.

Better Education and Learning

Technology has a great role in easing access to education. Now, you can take classes in remote areas and get a degree. Students do get a great benefit from technology. The concepts that were hard to understand can now be explained visually. Virtual classrooms are taking the world to another level. Medical students can learn the complex anatomy of our bodies through holograms. Although libraries are great if you do not feel like going to one, any information is a click away.

Better Homes 

Technology has made our homes smart. With Smart Homes, our lights, home appliances, TVs, doors, and music systems can be controlled just by voice commands. IoT products are taking over the world with a storm. They have made our lives a lot easier and better. Moreover, our homes are safer. Thanks to technology. Smart home security and automation systems in place can prevent any intrusion.


Technology has helped globalization. We do not have to travel for days to get to another country. The airplanes now travel at supersonic speeds and shortened distances that appeared to be impossible first.

Multi-planet Species 

We are not there yet but technology has made us dream big. Believe me when I tell you that we are going to be a multi-planet species in the future. Ventures like Space X are trying to inhabit humans on Mars. With the help of technology, we can look beyond the planets into unexplored worlds.

Final Verdict 

There are countless ways technology is changing the world. With all the pros, there are also some cons. Countries try to assert their dominance by investing in military arms. They try to feed their war hysteria and it is due to technological advancements, we have nuclear weapons enough to wipe out our entire race.  Let us hope it does not come to that point.

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