How Negative Reviews Can Destroy Your Brand’s Online Presence

The world has moved rather fast in the last decade and one reason for that is the fact the technological advancements we have seen in all frontiers possible. For marketers, this change has brought forward more opportunities as well as challenges. While on one side they are closer than before with their customers it is very challenging to maintain a cordial brand image all the time. One wrong or badly written review thus causes more damage to a brand’s reputation than anything else and here we tell why that is so.

Social media awareness 

These days almost everyone is on social media. One wrong incident they have with you and most likely they would be sharing that with close to 300 or near about friends they may be having. So, while a brand has lost one customer it also stands to lose others which are related to him. Online Reputation Management Services become useful in thwarting any such attempts and project a strong image in the minds of the customers. has established themselves in the field of reputation management and they know how to manage any kind of negative reviews that may be demeaning to your brand.

Loss of business 

Most of the customers who are looking for some reference for a product purchase turn to the internet for help. Their first reaction to finding a business online is to read how many negative reviews you have in your pocket. If the number of negative opinions is more than positive one’s chances are they would quickly move on from you to another business providing the same benefit. In such a situation it is better to eliminate such negative reviews as soon as you find them as they can stop your customer from stepping forward and link up with you.

On third party review sites 

Another place that a customer goes to when he wants to make a purchase is a third-party review site. These websites scrounge through various reviews to provide a concise update about your product. When the customer lands on their page his first reaction is to read and form an opinion about a product basis whatever has been mentioned. If more than one of these websites has given a negative impression about you then understand that your brand is in deep trouble and it is high time you do something about it.

SEO ranking

For any website to rank first on the Google search engine is the shortcut to getting more customers and an increase in the business as well. However, Google ranks your reviews as well and if you have a couple of negative reviews then your ranking is sure to see a dip. If that happens then fixing the same would be a tough task at hand. To avoid this situation it is always better to consider an online reputation management company to help you ward off such negative opinions.

Reputation of brand 

Last but not least, the reputation of your brand comes at stake if even one negative review gets posted online. News of such reviews spread rather fast and more than anything opinions about your brand can be impacted within a span of hours. Until unless you rectify the situation as soon as possible you can hope that a lot of damage has already happened to the brand in question.


A negative review is a stumbling block in your path to success. The world reacts to any negative review very fast and often fixing up the damage becomes rather difficult. For people who are looking for a product, a negative review can force them to stay away from a brand. It is always better to respond quickly to a negative review to avoid facing such issues.

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