How Much does using the Electronics Devices Harm your Seep and Body?

64% of people aged between 17 to 30 and 35% of people from 35 to 65 for fall asleep holding their smart gadgets. But did you know technology can harm your brain, disrupt your body’s biorhythms and damage your health as well? If you didn’t know how your Smartphone effects on your body and sleep before, we have collected 5 terrifying consequences of using technology and how they affect your sleep as well.

Using Pc can be a cause of back pain

Using the computer for a very long time can cause severe back pains. Because by hunching over the monitor for hours after hours, you’re putting too much stress on your back.

So if want to know how to sleep with back pain or lower back pain, these tips can help you to ease the pain.

  • sleeping on your side with knees drawn up can help relieve your back pain.
  • Place a plush, supportive pillow underneath your knees, if you sleep on your back.
  • Avoid sleeping on your stomach if you have low back pain.

Over-Accumulation of toxins

Did you know that during the day out organism accumulates neurotoxins? These are organic compounds which can be poisonous to our central and peripheral nervous system. The human body is an ingenious mechanism, and it gets rid of these toxic substances during the long phase of sleep. In this process, in turn, results in headaches, tired exhaustion, back pain of the nerve system and stress.

Scientists strongly recommend having seven to nine hours of sleep because it is the best time to sleep. Otherwise, your brain neurons will not have time to rest. The blue lights of the Smartphone disturb the sleep and cause the excess accumulation of the toxins in your body.

Decrease in Melatonin production

When we expose ourselves to lots of blue lights, it can slow down melatonin production that is one of the reasons why so many of us have sleep issues. Lots of children tend to watch TV right before sleep, playing on their computers, looking at ipads, those electronic devices give out very high-frequency blue light on the spectrum.

Vision disorder and disability

It is likely that your mom has always warned you not to watch TV with lights. And it turns out she was right! The bluish glow from a TV set, tablet or our smartphones negatively influences the retina of our eyes and damage it. It impacts more badly, especially when you’re exposed to it in the darkness. Not only your eye will become irritated, but our eye nerve also suffers as well, and that is where the phrase. We don’t want to scare you, but in some extreme situations, it can lead to almost blindness.

Destroys in the biological balance

The light from the gadget has the same effect as the morning sun. It makes your brain stop producing melatonin and its hormone which is necessary for your sound sleep. Melatonin also slows down the development of cancer and other various diseases or prevent it entirely. So when you are engrossed in your phone when the night comes your brain gets confused.

Ruins the biological clock

While playing a computer game or application, or notwithstanding looking through Facebook you can lose all track of time and remain up later than you anticipated. You may even intentionally ruin your natural sleep time since you are having some good times with your virtual friends or playing a game. But in the end, it harms your body’s natural clock.


What happens when you look at your smartphone screen when it is dark? It creates disorder within your body’s system and ruins the natural balance. To be relieved from them, you should stop work with gadgets at least two hours before sleep. It is the typical time for our brain to understand that is already night and it is high time we have prepared for high-quality, healthy rest.

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