How Do You Become TikTok Famous?

There are already some big international names in the TikTok world. Think of popular TikTokers. They have millions of followers and earn no less than 185,000 euros per sponsored post. This sounds very good, and many people would like this too. Unfortunately, it is not very easy to get big and make money with TikTok. Some people have been posting something every day for months and still do not have many followers, while others make one viral video and suddenly get thousands of followers. Here are some things you can do yourself to increase your reach on TikTok.

7 ways for success on TikTok

The ‘For You’ page is the page everyone sees when they open TikTok. Nobody knows precisely how the TikTok algorithm works, but if you end up on this, you are assured of many views. When you regularly appear on the For You page, you get closer to the TikTok fame, and you get more and more followers. And followers are just what you need to make a lot of money with TikTok. But how do you get to the For You page?

Participate in viral trends is vital that you watch new trends on TikTok and respond to them as quickly as possible. If you are one of the first to participate in a viral trend, it may just be that your video will have a lot of viewers. There is often a lot of search for these videos, and there is a chance that your video will be picked out by the algorithm of TikTok and then will end up on the ‘For You’ page. You can also record a duet with a viral video. This also increases the chance of TikTok success.

Learn TikTok dances

The viral videos also include the famous TikTok dances. Many TikTok dances go viral and remain accessible for a long time. It is not a trend that will pass again, but it is often searched for a long time. So make sure you participate in the famous dances and, for example, put on a garment with a striking color. This can already make your video stand out more among the thousands of other videos. It is quite challenging to become successful through dance because there are already so many videos. Yet it is certainly not impossible and worth trying.

Make yourself stand out

This sounds like a very logical tip, but in practice, it is the most difficult. How do you make sure you stand out among all those millions of TikTok users? You must know where your strength lies. Are you hilarious? Then make funny sketches and focus on that audience. Do you like fashion and makeup? Then make unboxing videos and tutorials and focus on that audience. Choose your niche and start to distinguish yourself.

Ensure good quality

A movie with good light and clear image is generally much better viewed than a film in the dark with a blurry vision. Make sure you have a device with a good camera and that you record the video in daylight or make sure you have a good ring lamp. Many well-known TikTokers use a ring lamp or studio lamps always to get the perfect image. The more professional the video, the more likely you are to get a lot of views.

You must edit your TikTok video to ensure the best quality. Best TikTok editors are available out there that you can use to make the best video without any expertise.

Post comments to other TikTokers

On TikTok, there are often people who succeed in posting comments to others. If you post a funny or witty comment under someone else’s video, people might like it. The more likes your comment gets, the higher you will rank in the comments. If you do this with large TikTokers, many people will see your feedback, and the chances are to click through to your account. So be active with posting comments to other TikTokers.

Connect with other TikTokers

If you can get the chance to record a video with another (large) TikTokers, let the other person tag you in the description. This can bring you, new followers. Of course, it depends on the number of followers that person has. If you both post a video of the two of you, you will also get new followers—a win-win situation.

Quality over quantity

It is often said that you have to post as much as possible to become TikTok famous. This is not true. It may be more likely that there will be a viral video once, but it is much less likely that people will follow you if you post 20 videos a day. And ultimately, it is all about the number of followers. So make sure you don’t just place some videos, but put time and effort into it. That way, you stand out more, and this will eventually be rewarded with many followers. Most major TikTokers post about five videos a day.

Hopefully, you now have the answer to the question; how do you become TikTok famous? Keep making videos, and don’t give up too quickly. Your video can go viral while you are sleeping. Everything is possible on TikTok.

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