How Animated Explainer Videos Are Winning Social Media

If it were not for social media, online businesses would still be striving for the best marketing tool. The race to stand out from the rest and have a unique personality has made people opt animated videos for marketing purposes. Whether you are a new business or you own a fortune 500 company, you can make the most out of animated content either way. However, the types and trends of animated content are several so you need to choose the one that fits perfectly to your preferences.

If the main goal is to enhance user engagement, increase user retention rates and acquire global recognition then there is no better animation form than an animated explainer video. It works for brands and business of every sort and can provide you with authentic leads at the same time. Here is what you need to know about explainer videos and its role in building great brands out of great ideas:

Keeps your audience engaged

An animated explainer video is visually engaging as it is a fusion of a pleasing voice-over with interesting visuals. People now prefer animated content and visuals to static images and text so if your utmost goal is user engagement then you should definitely make use of an animated explainer video.

You can even add comical and humorous aspects to your animation and make it more persuasive for the viewer. The main objective of every online business is to increase user retention rates and it is possible with an animated explainer video. If an animated video has a great story or message then it will automatically generate more user views for you.

Clear message

Some people tend to make the message of their video too complex for the viewer but that is not the case with an animated explainer video. This animation form exists to simplify the most complex ideas and thoughts because the objective is to gain recognition and you cannot have a memorable presence if your video has complicated elements.

The issue of clarity arises only in live action videos since the visual representation in such videos tends to become vague and unclear. You can get over this dilemma with the use of animations, as you will acquire user engagement, attention and recognition simultaneously because of the engaging nature of animations.

Cuts down costs

Exceeding the budget is the concern of many brands and businesses but with an animated explainer video, you do not have to worry about the budget. If you are making a live action video then you have to get a team of actors, equipment and pay separate fees to the scriptwriters, animators, and actors but getting an explainer video is a less costly endeavor.

You can hire an explainer animation video agency and let professionals animators produce animated content for you. Doing that lets you cut down a lot of additional cost from your budget and you can get your message across in a compelling 60 seconds animated explainer video.

Builds brand personality

Every online business or brand of today is striving for recognition. All you need in order to be known on a worldwide scale is to have a significant personality. You have exposure to various forms of marketing techniques and tools but an animated explainer video has more factors of visibility and credibility so you can rely on it to form your brand image.

The goal of every online business is to have a memorable face so you can improve your business operations with a personalized online identity. Whether it is your own website or any social media platform, you can exhibit your business offerings and unique selling propositions in the form of a compelling explainer video.

Strengthens customer relationship

With the use of an animated explainer video, you can build a strong and credible relationship with your audience. The key is to highlight how your products and services would be beneficial to them. If you create an animation that solely focuses on YOU then your customers will surely lose interest. Exhibit where you stand out and how you can provide them with more as compared to your competitors.

You need to build a sense of bonding and association with your customer base and build a relationship that would work in the long run of your operations. If you use images or text then it will not evoke emotion but an animated explainer video uses characters and cartoons so you can use those characters to make your customers feel associated with your brand.


We are living in a world that is changing with digitalization. Businesses are now resorting to online mediums as with the use of digital marketing trends they can enhance their propositions and bring them to a global audience. It is the era of video and animation as our lives are becoming fast paced and people do not want to pay heed to something that they consider time-consuming. This notion has evolved with the emergence of animated video content and with the use of animated explainer videos; it is expected to bring new changes and evolutions over time.

The ultimate concern of business and individuals revolves around their relationship with their customers and users. They tend to look for a solution that provides them with both cost-effectiveness and recognition and an animated explainer video is a sole medium that can provide you with both these factors.

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