Hike May go up Payment App Advantage of WhatsApp

The social network has been explained to grant the user to communicate and share the thoughts with each other. It has new good chances of communication and the association between the teachers and the learners. In today generation the social network becomes famous in everyday exchanging information. Learners grow up with the growing technology, entry to the Internet at anytime, anyplace it is ready to use. They are the ones who always connected with technology and increasingly become web-literate. The most recent famous app is Hike messenger platform.

Hike messenger is a cross-platform instant messaging service application for the mobile phones. In addition to that, the normal messaging that the learners as well as the teachers which can send the file document to accept the information. It grants the users to use beyond the Internet connection to send and receive the text messages to each other. So there is no payments pressure for anyone to use the platform. Therefore Hike messenger is a mobile phone messaging application, which grants the alternate messages without any payment for the SMS. It is ready to use in smart phones like the Android, Windows and so on. The similar Internet data plan for the service is used for the email and the web browsing service. The other messenger such as WhatsApp, Hike, Viber and the Line application are used in the almost the all around the world but 21st century the learners using the hike messenger for different purposes for the language learning.

About hike messenger

Hike messenger is said to be the most popular instant messaging service app which is available for IOS, Android and also for the Windows Phone. Away from normal text messages and the files that you can also use the hike messenger for sending the PDF and the office official files. There are many same applications are there that you can download but the issues with those apps are that you want to pay some certain amount of cost and at the similar time they are not user-friendly apps.

Also, it’s amazing privacy characteristics which enable to hide the chat that you need to keep the personal from obscure people and approach them only by a password that you bring to set. Now your personal conversation is protected and safe from that unknown person who takes your mobile phone. That is so cool feature of it.

Hike beat competitor WhatsApp

The Economic Times reported that the Hike Messenger app is likely to overcome the competitor of WhatsApp to become the first messaging application in India to initiate a UPI-backed payments device on its application.

Hike Messenger application is a new group which introduces a payments mechanism on its application that will be connected to the government which is backed united payments interface which is called UPI, a change that can make the messaging application the first in India to have the ability to perform forward of peers such as the WhatsApp application.

The home- developed messaging application, which increased 175 dollars million previous year from the Tencent and Foxconn, great respect the firm at 1.4 dollars billion, may introduce the peer-to-peer fee within the application and provide a application for making the digital business dealing such as recharges for the mobile phone consent, people who use this service may aware of the plans said by the company.

In New Delhi, the Hike application seems at launching the payments to its messaging app, as its goals to become the default application choice for the user by using the 4G data plans, steal the show market leader Whatsapp app in India.

The first homegrown messaging app of India is banking on its altered timeline and inbuilt camera in it, famous specification on rival conversation applications like the Snapchat app and Whatsapp app, to increase its user base and the daily program levels, which are detracting needs before it starts monetizing in its largest platform in the market.

Kavin Bharti Mittal who is the founder and CEO of Hike Messenger said that at the Over time, it’s usual for us to have the shopping and he said he would be lying in the year of 2016 that we are not going to do it. He said he can’t promise when but the payments are going to occur sooner or later.

He also said that the payments will be a one who helps for making the purchases across the micro-application end of the coming year and therefore you will see the company saying much more about this side of the growth.

The messaging service application designs to integrate the payments into the application and will look at building the messenger application as a platform for creating the purchases from the application, a model which has a lot of similarity with the WeChat application. The company said that they want to be the first defector choice on the 4G. The hike goes up against in contest with the Whatsapp, in the largest latter of the market with nearly over 160 million customers where it introduced video calling before this week.

On the middle of the week, the Hike service takes back out a camera which is making the application, live filters, and the stories, which would be removed after 2 days.

Hike application, which has about 150 million users around worldwide and nearly 95 percent of user in India and will look at adding a new features and specification which is going ahead, learning from the WeChat application and QQ chat applications which is owned by the Chinese internet very large Tencent that lead a 175-million dollars investment into the Hike company in the month of August upcoming year, along with the Taiwanese deal manufacturer of Foxconn.

Both the WeChat and the QQ that have nearly over 1 billion and 810 million users respectively, in China, they grant the users to shop, transacted and therefore use the partner app services, but they specific the various audiences. WeChat app provides to a demographic raised 30 years, while the QQ’s core targets the people who use the service in between 15-24 years.

Mittal spent a week with the teams of the company of both the applications in the China post the investment round, have in mind to take the good one from them yet make them to the purpose for the Indian audience, by keeping in the mind constraints of the limited bandwidth and also the device costs.

With nearly 30 percent of the messenger application’s 94 million user base in India on the 4G networks, and therefore the half of the base obtain or receive the application on the Wi-Fi and the 4G combined, he feels that aim attention at on the high-end data and the people will throw the usage of the Hike app, which will then run out down to the group.

When the fee service goes on live, it could make the Hike app one of the largest UPI-based payment applications in the country. Therefore nearly around 90 percent of the user of the hike app over 100 million around worldwide are in India only, which will give it a large base to begin from when it starts which proving the digital payments on the application.

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