Healthy Foods and Snacks That You and Your Rabbit Can Both Enjoy

Generally speaking, rabbits are low-maintenance animals that can prove perfect companions for both adults and children. They have a sweet temper and are capable of great love, so you’ll often feel like cuddling with a cat or a dog instead of a smaller animal.

If you properly look after them, rabbits can live a long and happy life and can even learn new tricks and prove trusty friends. However, you need to pay attention to their diet, especially since they are very curious and might want to try everything that you’re having. Below you can find a list of foods, snacks, and treats that you and your furry friend can both enjoy.

General information

Rabbits enjoy a full vegetarian meal and they shouldn’t be fed meat or processed meats. Fresh hay should make most of your pet’s daily meal, and this includes timothy hay, oat hays, and grass. Younger rabbits can also enjoy alfalfa because it is richer in essential fibers that are mandatory for a healthy digestive system.

We don’t expect you to join your rabbit in its diet based on grass and hay but this doesn’t mean that you cannot both chew on some delicious snacks every once in a while. As we previously mentioned, rabbits are very curious and lickerish so you’ll stand no chance in cuddling with your furry animal and keep your snacks safe from it at the same time.


Veggies are a rich source of vitamins, minerals, proteins, and natural antioxidants that will boost your pet’s immune system and keep it away from diseases and health problems. As long as they are organic and pesticide-free, veggies can be served to your rabbit on a daily basis. They are also low in calories, so you won’t have to worry about your pet turning overweight or obese in time.

Some of the safe veggies that both you and your long-eared friend can enjoy together include carrots, basil, kale, lettuce, collard greens, celery, cilantro, mint, and parsley. Carrots are rich in calcium and vitamin A, helping your pet maintain a good vision, while kale contains proteins and calcium.

Apart from these veggies, you can also serve your pet dandelion leaves, mustard greens, broccoli leaves, and even cucumber peels, kohlrabi leaves or radish leaves. It goes without saying that these foods won’t make a delicious treat for you too, so you should only offer them to your pet.

There is also a small list of vegetables that shouldn’t be fed to your pet because they are toxic or might cause digestive problems, and this includes cabbage and iceberg lettuce.


Most fruits are rich in vitamins and antioxidants but they also contain a lot of sugar so you shouldn’t feed them constantly. They work great for snacks or treats once in a while but too many can lead to obesity and even diabetes or other severe health problems.

Similar to vegetables, try offering your pet organic, pesticide-free fruits as they are safer and won’t cause problems. Some of the most delicious fruits you can share with your bunny include apples, pineapples, bananas, strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries.

However, it depends on each pet’s personality and tastes since some individuals can also indulge in figs, dates, pineapple, oranges, cherries, peaches, and watermelon.

Bananas are great because they contain potassium and other vitamins while blueberries are rich in vitamin A and antioxidants, fighting against free radicals and allowing your pet to enjoy a strong vision. On the contrary, watermelon and strawberries may seem delicious but they contain high amounts of sugar so they should only be fed once in a while.

Don’t forget that your pet shouldn’t have any sweet toppings either, and this includes chocolate dips, sprinkles or whipped cream, ingredients that go perfectly with strawberries.

No matter how much water fruits and veggies contain, your pet should always have access to a clean source of freshwater, regardless if you keep it in a stackable cage or let it wander freely around the house.

Organic snacks

Some organic snacks can be offered to your bunny as treats once in a while, and this includes biscuits and dry fruits, as long as they don’t contain processed sugars or any other low-quality ingredients.

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