The Growing Popularity of BBA Aviation Offers You the Right Opportunity to Fulfill Your Dream of Flying

Most people think that the aviation industry is just restricted to pilot training or becoming an air hostess only but the reality is different from our assumptions. There’s a lot more to do in the Aviation industry, one can explore wider career options post doing BBA in Aviation. If you take up the BBA course in Aviation Management then you can get a chance to use your managerial skills to ace ahead in this sector. Presently, there many colleges and institutes offer this course, and the number of students applying for Aviation Management is also increasing continuously. It is anticipated that industry including airlines, airports, and ground handling would together appoint almost four million skilled professionals by the end of 2035.

Exciting Opportunities

Since the aviation industry in India is on a growth spree, so doing BBA in Aviation is the right opportunity that can help you to fulfill your dreams of flying. If you go by the figures, then the Indian market is anticipated to become the third-largest aviation market across the world by 2025. This clearly indicates the kind of opportunities that the young aspirants can explore post completing their studies in BBA Aviation. So, in case you are doing BBA in Aviation Management, then you can calculate the scope that he will have in the coming years. There are many renowned institutes like IITs, MIT Chennai, etc that offer a 4-years bachelor and 2-years master’s level program in Aeronautical or Aerospace Engineering.

Diverse Career Prospects

Post completing the course, the professionals can apply for different roles and can have diverse career prospects which you always dream to have. Some of the popular options which you can that take up after completing BBA in Aviation include:

  • Customer Service Management
  • Loyalty Programs Management
  • Fuelling Management
  • Airline Sales & Marketing
  • Revenue Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Passenger Reservations & Ticketing
  • Flight/Data Analysis

Not just this, once an individual has got relevant industry experience in this field, he/she can get promoted internally and can reach to a top managerial position within a few years. Also, the students who are interested in flying can get trained for a commercial pilot’s license by joining one of the renowned flying schools and can gain the required experience needed in their job. In addition to the Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Academy (IGRUA) and National Flying Training Institute, there are many other Directorate General of Civil Aviation approved flying schools from where the individuals can gain flying experience.

Career Abroad

In case you want to work abroad and enhance your global exposure, then also doing BBA in Aviation Management is a good option. Many international companies’ keeps on appointing skilled professionals in this sector and the aspirants along with getting a good starting package also get a chance to travel to other countries for work. Pursuing BBA in Aviation from a reputed college or university boost the chances of getting placed in top companies which will surely reflect in the resume; thereby taking the individuals closer to their dream job.

Impressive Pay Scale

Besides getting a chance to explore lucrative job opportunities, the professionals can also get an impressive pay scale that adds up to the perks of doing Aviation Management. On average, a BBA aviation graduate gets almost 20,000 to 40,000 INR as their starting salary which further increases with an increase in experience. There are various factors based on which the pay scale is decided which include the college opted and individual skills. There are many options in terms of courses that you can pursue after completing a Bachelor of Business Administration in Aviation. Based upon your area of interest, passion, skills, understanding, the individuals can decide which career they want to choose post completing their BBA in Aviation.

The Indian aviation industry is witnessing rapid growth in recent years and it will continue to grow in the future as well. India plans to establish 100 new airports by the end of 2035 to meet the growing demand of the customers. Also, 20 more cities are anticipated to have the second airport in the next 15 years which will further boost the demand of the professionals in this sector. So chase your dreams of flying high by doing BBA in aviation which is one of the fastest booming sectors in India and overseas as well.

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