7 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Your Boss’ Birthday

Buying a gift for your boss is never easy. Sure, you spend at least 8 hours a day in the same office, but do you know them well enough to have an idea of what they like? Do you go for a goofy, funny gift? Should you get them a gadget, or should you go for the classic bottle of wine and expensive candies? No matter the occasion, whether it’s their birthday, Christmas or just an occasion to thank them for something they did for your career, the most important thing is to show you have put some thought in picking the gift. Below is a list of ideas, to help you decide on the best option for them.

High-end office supply gift basket

If your boss is the type of person who enjoys office life, gifting them something that fist well in the office is the safest option. And, because they are your boss, you can’t just go for a simple pen and daily planner. Instead, put together an office supply basket a bit more on the fancy side.

Start with a customized pen and planner set, which you can either engrave with their name, initials or the name of the company. Then, throw in a business card holder, so they make an even better impression in business meetings. Add an interesting desk calendar, that matches their office and small décor item, such as a paperweight or a small sculpture and you have the perfect gift.

A wine kit

If your boss is a wine connoisseur, then a wine kit is the perfect gift. Don’t just go and buy one from the gift shop. You can put together one that will fit their taste much better if you shop for the items separately.

Start with a good bottle of wine, from either their favorite brand, or at least their favorite wine type. Then, you can complete the gift with some interesting accessories. A wine thermometer, an intricate carafe, a metal wine stopper or a wine cooler are just some examples. Don’t overdo it. If you choose a good bottle of wine, the accessories should be enough to compliment the gift, not to take away from it. If they are not wine enthusiasts, but do have another favorite alcoholic beverage, you can keep the idea and customize the gift according to their preferences.

A watch

You can never go wrong with a simple, yet elegant watch, no matter the person you are gifting it to. A good watch should always be a timeless piece, something they can wear on every occasion. If you can’t tell what type of watch they prefer, or what brand, go for something simple.

A conservative design can never go wrong. Choose a simple bracelet, either metal or leather, don’t go for something too casual, as it may not fit their everyday life. Try to pay attention to the size as well. You don’t want a watch that is going to be too large for their wrist. If you can get the whole team to pinch in, then you can go for a more luxurious option, but if not, even if the watch is something on the more affordable price range, make sure it looks classy and timeless.

A gift card to their favorite store

This is probably the easiest option on the list. You can never go wrong with a gift card from their favorite store, to allow them to pick an item they will definitely love. If you are planning the gift together with the entire team, this will also save you all a bunch of time and effort. No more issues with someone not liking what you picked up. You boss can go ahead and choose the gift that better suits them.

Pay attention to what they like. It can either be a gift card from their favorite clothing store, jewelry store or even a subscription to something they enjoy. Maybe they like to read books on their Kindle, in which an Amazon gift card is perfect for them. To make the gift look more put together, place the gift card in a box, tie it up with some elegant printed birthday ribbons and leave it on their desk in the morning, with a card signed by all of you. It will surely be a good way for them to start the day.

A voucher for relaxation

Managing a team or an entire business is never easy, so your boss surely needs to relax once in a while. Show them how considerate you are of their job and offer them the means to do so. A voucher for a day at the spa may be just what they need after a long week in the office. They can get a massage, go swimming or detox in the sauna.

If the spa is not on their agenda, then a full day pass to the local sports club is another good idea. Simply find out what they like to do to distress and play along with that. Chances are, they rarely get the time to do so, so it is going to be a much-needed gift. Reassure them it is all going to be fine in the office and give them the day off to enjoy the gift.

A traveling kit

If they need to travel a lot for business, or if they like to go on vacations abroad, a gift that focuses on their traveling needs will sure put a smile on their face. Start by picking up a carry-on luggage, one that will fit all they need for a weekend trip. Then, you can fill the luggage with some travel essentials.

A travel pillow and a travel eye mask are an absolute must. You can also add a passport holder, a toiletry case, as well as a reusable travel bottle set. This will have them covered for the next trip they are planning and save them some time organizing. Throw in a good book to read on the plane and you are good to go.

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