5 Forex Mistakes That New Traders Should Avoid

The forex market offers a wealth of opportunities for anyone who wants to make smart money. The fact that it has low entry barriers makes it an attractive option for traders who want to invest and earn starting with just a few hundred dollars. But this does not make forex easy or risk-free as even small mistakes can jeopardize your investment. Let us guide you about a few common mistakes that you should absolutely avoid while trading in the forex market as a newbie.

Mistake #1: Not having a trading plan

Traders who operate without a trading plan tend to lack consistency, which can be the biggest blunder they make. A good strategy, on the other hand, keeps you in control because it prevents irrational decisions due to inexperience or adverse situations. The idea is to have a well-charted plan to start with. You can even seek advice from experts if you are new to the domain.

Mistake #2: Risking more than you can afford

Misunderstanding how leverage works make you susceptible to risk more than you can afford, which usually happens with the beginners. The best way to go would be to familiarize yourself with leverage and margin so that you do not end up putting more capital at risk than you can afford, accidentally or impulsively. Setting a maximum percentage of capital that you are willing to risk and sticking to it helps.

Mistake#3: Failing to do your homework

Forex is a dynamic market where things are always on the move, considering the facts that trading goes on 24/5 and currency pairs are closely associated with national economies. Unless you are well-armed with good research, you may not do well. Being aware of the mt4 indicators is the key and so is keeping an eye on the upcoming events which could affect market conditions. These factors can be fairly useful for forecasting the market swings and acting accordingly.

Mistake #4: Making impulsive decisions

Another mistake that can cause you a lot of trouble is making impulsive and irrational decisions. Traders often open additional positions to make up for losses after losing trades. Such emotional trading can be fatal if done without technical and fundamental research.  It is thus critical to have a research-backed disaster management plan in place and follow it closely if you come across a crisis. Learn to trade the market that helps you a lot.

Mistake #5: Trading on numerous market 

If you think that trading on multiple markets can bring extensive success right at the start, you are mistaken. This can make things complicated for you, particularly if your technical knowledge is limited. As a beginner, you should confine yourself to a few markets for the sake of gaining experience and learning the nuances of forex trading. Even if you want to do it, use a demo account for this purpose.

The opportunities and risks of forex are many and it is advisable for the beginners to tread with care. A balance between safety and profitability is desirable. Collaborating with a trustworthy and experienced broker is equally critical.

Author Bio: This article is written by Emily Baker who works for OutreachMonks, and has extensive experience writing for various niches.

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