Following Amazing Graphic Designers on Instagram To Get Some Inspiration

Have you been planning to become a successful graphic designer for a pretty long time? Trying to enter this field might be easy but sticking to the expectations of flexible clients can be a tough cookie. However, once you get some inspirations from reputed designers, you can create your own path in no time. All you have to do is come across some such graphic designers, check out their work, and then finally aim to follow their path towards success.

As Instagram is one of the major social networking channels these days, most of these designers are actually on it. So, once you have downloaded this app and opened up your account in it, you will easily get to find these designers and their works from under one source. Follow them and keep getting updated whenever they post a new IGTV video, picture or even a reel. These experts also keep on sharing their ideas over here. So, you will never miss any of it once you start following them on Instagram.

Without wasting any of your time further, it is better to start checking with these professionals first. So, join Instagram now and come across some of the amazing graphic designers, who are thoroughly talented in their fields.

  • Behance:

Every graphic designer around here is well-aware of Instagram to be a self-promoting platform. Behance will provide you with one such networking space, where you will not just find followers but also clients. This account is perfect to not just focus on the functions of a website, but will also talk about the services too.

It furthermore showcases the users’ current work to keep you updated on latest graphic designing moves. Some of the artistic activities that you are likely to come across are illustration, branding, typography, artistic directing and so much more.

  • Tania Samoshkina

Another Instagram account that you can easily follow is that of Tania Samoshkina. She is a New York based professional illustrator and artist with over 6 years of experience in this artistic field. You can expect to get unique designs from her that will showcase a perfect mixture of playful aesthetic with that of perfect joy.

Tania is known to specialize in print design, character design, surface patterns and even logo types. You can find inspirations of all these options in her feed with some fun posts too. The cartoon-like graphic designs will actually have big meaning behind them, which you can gladly get inspiration from.

She is known for addressing unusual and simple details, which will definitely help to bring her characters to life. Once you start watching her feed, you will come to learn a lot about designing.

  • Steven Harrington

This particular graphic designer is known to have traveled to various incredible places. So, he has gained his knowledge and idea from various corners of the world. Los Angeles is his favorite spot and for him, the easternmost part of this city is always what you call the melting pot of cultures. So, this is the particular spot, which has helped and influenced him a lot to create some amazing crafts.

Steven is mainly known for his psychedelic and surreal work routine, which comes with multiple colors, followed by iconography. Some of the clients he has already served are Converse footwear, Nike sports, Lacoste fashion, Coca Cola and so much more. You can start following this account and then create one of your own. Make sure to buy 50 real Instagram followers to grow your follower’s count and gain popularity in no time!

  • Mike Perry:

Another name that should be included in this list got to be that of Mike Perry. His feed is a perfect explosion of handcrafted type, color and psychedelic animation. You can easily recognize most of his work from the title card of that of Broad City, which is a sitcom in Comedy Central. This is one vibrant piece of animated typography, which is known to have its own character to the core.

  • Timothy Godman:

Timothy Godman is what you need whenever you are a newbie in the field of graphic design and want some inspiration from a man with many talents. Based in New York, he is known to have the most well curatedInstagramfeed of all time. He even recently released a book with Jessica Walsh. Apart from that, he is also known for his recent collaboration with that of Target along with endless projects under his sleeves. So, checking out his feed is going to be a treat to your eye. You will come to learn about so many things that you had no clue of.

  • Creative Boom Mag:

It is one online magazine, which is known to celebrate, inspire and then support the creative minds. So, you can easily join this Instagram account and be a part of their well-known community. This Instagram feed focuses mainly on design, arts, crafts, photography and illustration. So, not just graphic designers, but artistic minds from other fields will come to be a part of this community as well.

Students, entrepreneurs and even some of the casual graphic design lovers will come and get some inspiration from this website too. There are inspiring quotes shining all across this feed and you can get an inspiration from those sources too.

  • AshwinKandan:

If you are looking for an Instagram feed, which is a perfect blend of branding, pop art, typography, illustration and even editorial design, this profile of AshwinKandan is ones-top helping hand for you. This account is known for its interesting color palettes and even bold visuals, which will add a sense of humor to it. So, you can easily get a complete range of inspiration once you start following this feed.

Follow some more:

These are few of the manyInstagramfeeds that you are most welcome to follow to get some inspiration with graphic designing. There are so many other options that you can follow as well. Just focus on the best team of designers for great help with it.

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