Five DIY Gift Ideas on Short Notice

Time’s not always on our side, and with the rush of everyday life, we often realize this a little too late. The haste is no different during gift-giving seasons, so it’s handy having a few options for backup.

There’s plenty of choices available, from the techie by heart to the frugal enthusiast; the limits are endless.

Light in a Bottle

Electronic gifts are always amusing, and an uncomplicated bottle-light is a fun way to entertain someone. This project is quick enough to do at home in one afternoon. You require an empty bottle and some tools including a soldering iron, hot glue gun, mini drill, and their essential components.

There’s a handful of parts you’ll need:

  • A switch
  • RGB Flashing LED
  • 100 Ohm resistor
  • Batteries (3V coin or other)
  • Cable

To add a personal touch, fill the bottle with objects, like beads, origami, and even potpourri.

Diffuser Essential Oil Necklace

Many homes have essential oils in one of the cupboards, as they have soothing and healing properties. That’s what makes these DIY gifts such a charm, as they’re wearable – or can hang where you’d enjoy the aroma.

To make this small treasure, you’ll need a chain or wax string, a pendant holder, and a wool ball that acts as a diffuser. If you have these three items, you can make one or more in just a few minutes.

Shower Fizzies

A thoughtful gift for someone you’re close to – and that prefers a shower to a bathtub; these shower-time fizzers fit the part. Not only are these made in an instant, but they use only a few ingredients – essential oil, citric acid, and baking soda. If you don’t like them in plain white, food coloring of your choice is optional.

Gift Box

Sometimes you’re not sure what to get someone, for whatever reason, and an unrestricted gift will help. Other times, you’d like to give a person dear to you a compilation of things they love. Either of these can be creatively put together.

For this parcel, a photo, storage, and even a sturdy shoebox can be utilized. Place some paper and shredded filler at the bottom. Atop the shreds of filling, place edible treats or self-care items for the receiver. These can be homemade or store-bought; put them in alternative packaging to customize them.

Decoupage Tray and Coasters

Having everything you need on hand helps, but many craft supplies can be ordered online, making them easily accessible. Decoupage glue and items to use it with or on can be found almost everywhere.

For this gift, you’ll need a plain wooden tray, a set of coasters, Modge Podge or alternative, a sponge brush, and pictures. These images can be photos of memories for the person receiving the gift or a theme they enjoy. Once the glue has set, a ribbon or decorative string can tie it together for a sweet but straightforward presentation.

Wrapping Up

There’s plenty of DIY ideas, something for everyone. The beauty of DIY as a gift is you can mold an idea to customize or personalize it. Many people enjoy the do-it-yourself way, so they can receive these gifts without needing the giver to complete them first – as a gift to a DIYer.

Unnati Vaidya is a freelancer Content Writer and SEO generalist. She is an enthusiastic reader of Novels and a big fan of watching Sci-fi movies and seasons!

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