4 Simple Facebook Advertising Strategies For Digital Marketers

While Facebook has established itself as a successful platform for digital ads, it is completely in the hands of the digital agency or marketing team to leverage the maximum outcome from the ads. You may have come up with a great marketing campaign idea and creative ads to support your concept, but the actual advertising strategy plays a key role in ensuring that your ads reach a majority of your audience at the right time. Here Facebook Marketing Books can help you to reach more people.

Are you spending your Facebook advertising budget to get maximum returns or are you missing some tricks that can improve your ad performance? If yes, we’ve listed out some simple Facebook advertising strategies that can improve your Facebook ads by a large margin.

Use The Behavior Filter To Your Advantage

Everybody who has used Facebook advertising knows that the ads can be targeted using specific filters that allow the selection of people based on their behavior patterns and likes.  Facebook also allows you to target people based on their ‘shopping preference’ or ‘purchase behavior’. So while choosing the behavior traits of your target audience, add this additional filter of purchase behavior. This will allow you to add further subcategories related to the industry that your brand belongs to. By selecting this filter, you’re more likely to reach someone who is interested in your offering. You could reach out to Bear Newman for additional digital marketing support.

Select Broader Interests That Have Larger Followers

It may be tempting to target specific interests with a small, focused group of people. But this may prove to backfire if your industry segment is not popular. For example, a chef may target only those who have selected cooking as an interest. But having broader interest filters like food, eating out or shopping will help reach out to a wider audience. This way the cost per click will also be lesser than going after an interest that may be targeted by multiple other brands as Well.

Find Life Events That Match With Your Brand Offering

A newly married couple will most definitely be looking for new kitchen utensils, while someone with a just born baby will be interested in baby food or baby clothes. Find a life event that matches with what your brand is selling and target that segment through Facebook ads. Using life events as ad criteria will surely help you find customers more relevant to your brand, helping get maximum returns from the money spent through ads.

Use Your Database For Remarketing

Remarketing, custom and prospective audience are a great feature on Facebook that helps find your existing fans and followers on this social media platform. This feature also helps you find people who fall in the similar bracket as your existing audience, with a higher chance of getting conversions.

The other thing to keep in mind while executing your Facebook ad is to have a large enough reach for maximum impressions and a sufficient budget to get conversions. Finding the right mix of these two points, along with the right strategy will bring a measurable improvement to your Facebook ad campaigns.

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