5 Ecommerce Marketing Essentials to Drive More Sales

The world has progressed a lot ever since the internet made itself a means of livelihood for multiple types of businesses. A whole new field called e-commerce came into existence as soon as it flourished widespread. People devoted to this field figured out revolutionary tools that detailed the entire system of commerce and brought forward new methods to improve the stability of this field. One of the reasons behind writing this article is to point out all those revolutionary techniques that marketers are greatly benefiting from. It is important for an aspiring marketer to learn the latest trends of marketing – in fact, not merely significant, it is crucial to understand what people are practicing in the field of marketing, how marketers are running campaigns, what is bringing desirable results in the respective field. On top of everything else, to know what it is that attracts the general audience, in order to understand the gist of such a complex field as e-commerce.

Ecommerce marketing is, in fact, a practice of exercising promotional techniques to attract traffic to your online store with the intent of converting traffic into paying customers. It is not as simple as it looks. To begin with, it is not easy to manufacture a product that you believe attracts a general user of the internet. Then to convince the user into believing that he needs your service in another step. Not every user of internet comes with the intention of purchasing a service; sometimes he is randomly surfing through the internet. You need to catch his attention.

To drive him through these steps, you need effective tools that ensure good results without your trying too hard on your part. For that matter, you need to learn the following tactics:

#1. Upsell your Product

Once a person is in the market, he is certainly there to buy the object of his needs. Sometimes he would be sure of what he needs and sometimes he is only there to window-shop. In either case, you have to be prepared to offer them whatever it is you think would interest them. Upselling is the right way of using this strategy. For example, if a user is in your online store trying to find internet providers, let’s say he/she types in internet service providers Los Angeles . You have the opportunity to present them with the best internet providers in the state of Los Angeles, show them the ways to upgrade their existing services by including your latest offers. Not only would you have booked space for your product in your customer’s house, you would have also mastered the technique of bonding with your customer, long-term.

There are just a few things that you need to keep in mind before you plan to upsell your product:

  1. They should be related to the original product that they have selected
  2. You have to be concerned about the anticipated pricing of your service for your customers. If they are too high, the customer will, altogether, lose interest in getting your service.

#2. Get an Instagram Account

Social media platforms are one of the best areas where you can target a wide range of audiences. You will find 500 million active users solely on Instagram. All it takes is the good skill of photography, a bit of aesthetic sense, and the knowledge of your target audience. With this understanding, anyone can become a part of Instagram and attract followers that will ultimately be interested in buying their services. All of that apart, there are a few additional things that you need to consider being an expert marketer: 1. Incorporate latest technological trends like VR, AR or Machine Learning. 2. Do not forget the SEO aspect of handling social media. There is a thing called right timing of incorporating latest technologies, right time to sending posts on social media, and right audience to target. Without consideration of all these aspects, you cannot get the desired results.

#3. Eliminate Abandoning of Carts

You must have experienced the occasional tragedy of discarded carts in your online stores, which the users abandoned without purchasing your service. According to research undergone by Baymard institute, an amount of 70% of shopping carts are abandoned by the visitors during the check out process. The reasons could be many. Sometimes the visitor changes his mind; sometimes he just does not know how to finish the process of purchasing the service. Your job is to keep giving them a reminder that they have abandoned items. One of the most effective e-commerce techniques was the email recovering campaign that notified the visitors about their abandoned items, also pushed them to complete the process of shopping by giving them reminders on several occasions.

#4. Take over Facebook

One can’t simply be on Instagram but not on Facebook. Both of these social media forums are like the hoots of the town for all the celebrities, influencers and big names are on it. Recently it gained popularity for its feature of incorporating online stores enabling marketers to run campaigns and connect with their audience. In the same manner, you get an opportunity to create your own space on social media, which eliminates the need of building a physical store. You can create albums of your products on your Facebook page, spend a little amount on the campaigns to find an audience and keep your page active at all times.

#5. Consider running Email Campaigns

Once a visitor enters the territory of your online store and subscribes through email, you get an opportunity to connect with them via their personal email accounts. You can send them a welcome email once they make a purchase and add a lot more to the list. You should keep updating them about the latest offers you feature on your store. You can ask about their feedback on your services as well. The purpose is to build a connection between you and your audience. If you are successful in doing that, you have become a good marketer.

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