Driving Tips For Beginners

It is a common experience that when you are learning something new, it seems tough, especially in the beginning. Learning to drive for the first time is both a challenging and exciting experience for those who are a novice to the art of driving. If you have acquired your driving license and are enthusiastic to test the road, you must be well aware of a few basics before you go and test your driving skills. It should be noted that driving is a dangerous task, and carelessness can lead to severe consequences for people involved in the incident.

If you are worried about the prospect of driving, you can rest assure that individuals such as Lewis Hamilton started exactly where you are. If you follow the tips that are mentioned below, you will find driving comparatively easy and enjoy the experience.

#1. Be confident:

The first step that you need to do is to be confident about your abilities. Although it is natural for you to be a little tense if you are a beginner, allowing yourself to be overwhelmed with fear can be disastrous. A nervous driver is generally an unsafe driver, so the first thing that you should realize is that you need to be confident. All you have to do is to keep yourself calm and follow the instructions of the driving instructor and try to relax. Remember that driving is not a daunting task, and with a little practice, you can do it as well.

#2. Familiarize yourself with the car:

When learning to drive, you should stick to one car so that you are well aware of the attributes of the car. It does not matter that the car you are driving is a new model or an old one but one that you feel comfortable while driving. Before you even start the car, you must be aware of the theoretical aspects such as where the clutch and the breaks are located and how you can shift the gear. This will help you to make split decisions when the situation demands so that you can avoid any accidents later on.

#3. Ignore what other drivers are thinking about you:

One thing that terrifies many beginners is that they think they will make a fool of themselves in front of other drivers. The first thing that you need to know about driving is that you should ignore them and concentrate on your task. It is easy to panic when someone is honking you or flashing their light; you should stay calm and let them overtake your vehicle while concentrating on your task. All instructors from driving schools ezlicence will instruct you to ignore other drivers as long as you are not violating any traffic rules and driving safely.

#4. Avoid distractions:

Contrary to what people believe, we are not as good at multitasking as we think we are, so you must focus on your driving. You should avoid doing any activity which will distract you from focusing on your task. Do not talk on the phone since this can distract you and may lead to an accident. You should also avoid talking unnecessarily to other passengers who are present in the car. Although you would be tempted to put on music to help you calm down, there is a risk that you might be careless while listening to your favorite song, so it would be advisable to switch off the radio and simply focus on your task.

#5. Stick to familiar routes and avoid highways:

At this stage, it would be better that you drive on those roads that you are familiar with. Doing so will not only increase your confidence level since you would be aware of the different obstacles that might come your way. Driving into an unchartered area will allow you to focus on your destination, so you are better off focusing on your driving skills instead of your navigation skills. You should also familiarize yourself with the indicators and car horns correctly so that you are not caught in any trouble. It would be better to avoid any highway at this stage since cars usually drive at a higher speed over there, and your current speed can be potentially dangerous.


Driving may be overwhelming for you in the beginning, but you should be patient while learning and not give up too early. Developing confidence behind the wheel varies from person to person as some people learn in a few weeks while others require months before they possess the confidence to drive. What you need to know is that you can improve your skills by regularly practicing, so ask your experienced friend to come with you while you are learning to drive so that you can navigate through different tasks while enjoying yourself.

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