Does Packaging Matter When It Comes To Gold?

If you don’t like the look of stocks and shares at the present time and you are planning to add gold to your investment portfolio, there is the question of physical possession. Is it OK to hold a piece of paper to verify that you are the owner of said gold bar? It might be fine for a gold bullion dealer, but a private investor should always take physical possession of any acquired gold. This is not a rule that you should break and by storing the gold in a secure location, you have peace of mind that your wealth is safe.

Gold Packaging

The methods used to protect gold when being transported include wrapping in felt or bubble-wrap, while smaller ingots would be contained within a felt pouch. When you buy gold in any format from a registered gold bullion dealer, the commodity is suitably packaged and ready for your inspection.

While gold is visually appealing, it is a good idea to present the commodity in a professional manner. When you buy gold bullion in Brisbane from City Gold Bullion or from the reputable gold dealer in your area, they will not simply drop an uncovered bar of gold on the table in front of you. You would have to make an appointment to visit their office and make your purchase in person. Good dealers urge buyers to always take physical possession of their gold – for obvious reasons, of course, unless they’re dealing with established bullion traders as well as banks. Yet, even those entities would welcome you checking the item first.

Following Protocol

Gloves are worn when gold bullion staff handle the commodity, with each piece carefully removed from its pouch, ready for inspection. You, the client, are free to ask any questions regarding the transaction and you can pay in the currency of your choice, including Bitcoin. Of course, you should store the gold in the items they came in; it is important to avoid gold making contact with any hard surface, as 999.9 gold scratches easily.

Not Visible

It is never a good idea to display gold that you are carrying; rather, it should be wrapped and packaged to avoid damage. When moving a lot of gold, you need to take a ‘need to know’ approach with who you tell.

Selling Gold To A Bullion Dealer

While it isn’t illegal, putting a 1kg gold bar in a plastic carrier bag and heading off to the bullion dealer, is not really the done thing. For sure, the dealer would expect the gold to be professionally packaged and presented for inspection, much as you would if the roles were reversed.

Gold Trading

If you intend on buying and selling gold to turn a profit, there is a lot to learn and you should hook up with a reputable gold bullion dealer; you can learn a lot from such a relationship, plus you can trade using their secure connections to global markets. We don’t recommend you trade with real money to start; try 6 months with a role play period and keep records.

Like any form of investment, there are risks and the more experience you have with markets, the better.

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