Do You Have Cooking Games Craze? Cook It!

Are you an aspiring chef or a food enthusiast? Do you have an obsession with getting things right and proper? Don’t know where to put your skills? Well, there is a solution to all your needs – CookIt! Literally, keep cooking in this beautiful android app cooking game, Cook It!

Where can I get the game and will it lag my phone?

This kitchen game is the first of its kind with the perfect balance of fun and focus. On downloading the game from the App Store, I could witness the beautiful and crisp graphics of this game. The game takes up a reasonable amount of memory on your phone and does not slow it down. That is a great plus point. I have had other games slow it down so much that I had to uninstall them. The game loads pretty fast and the main screen for the game shows the game map with progress. Game options and the menu is also accessible.

How do I start playing?

The first level is a sort of tutorial where the player can learn the ropes. The player has the position of the master chef in a restaurant and is responsible for all the orders! A row of hungry customers forms in front of the kitchen. You have to fulfill different sorts of orders, all the while keeping in mind the customer does not have to wait too long. At first, I thought this was going to be a piece of cake but the game keeps on getting more difficult by the level. Every customer has a different order. Providing them their food, all the while being responsible for time management games, is hard.

What am I supposed to do in the game?

The customers may ask for just a single burger in the first level but as the game progresses, they demand combos. So, the orders get almost doubled! It is important to not let the customers get angered. If they do, they leave and you end up losing customers!

What are the main attractions?

The mouth-watering food and succulent ingredients are the reason you just want to keep playing more! Being a foodie, the chilled beverages and delicious food bring a sense of pleasure in me. Even though I am not much of a cook in real life but cooking in this game makes me feel very accomplished in the culinary area.

What makes this game different from other kitchen games?

  • As you level up, the restaurants keep changing. I had to play the first 15 levels working in a former bit then I got promoted to a bakery, and so on! This brings great variety to the type of food you’re cooking and serving. It gives a feeling of playing various kinds of baking games instead of just one.
  • The kitchen is not just a place where we cook. In fact, the game allows us to decorate and customize it as well. From a beautiful vase of roses to the number of pans we prefer, we can tamper with our working space as though it were real! Adding pots and pans not only upgrades the look of the space but also enables us to prep more meals simultaneously. This comes in especially handy during happy hour when the customers are wild.
  • One other thing that made me want to keep playing was the dedication of the game makers to the players. There are daily “happiness challenges” where the player is offered bonus coins for breathing deeply and reflecting on the positive side of their lives. I was personally touched that the game makers cared so much about my mental health that they put in an incentive just to make sure I was doing alright. This feature helped so much. The increasingly difficult levels started stressing me out but after going through these daily happiness challenges, I felt calm and cool.

What is the overall vote?

In a nutshell, out of all the various kitchen games or cooking games available on the internet, Cook It! is available for free download via the Android App Store and has such a unique graphic design that pulls you in and will keep you hooked as you hop from one restaurant to the other. I would give this kitchen game my seal of approval. And that, my friends, is my two cents.

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