Digital Marketing Hacks to Increase Sales

In today’s fast-paced world, the wonders of digitalization are no longer a surprise to anyone. Almost every business has a digital storefront and social profile on the internet. Indeed, social media and websites are two crucial digital marketing elements but not enough to make your business thrive. With rising tech innovations, digital trends are evolving consistently. From podcasts, infographics, local service ads to live video sessions – marketers come across something new every day. 

These innovative marketing techniques captivate digital consumers, generate leads, and improve conversion prospects. Hence, alongside conventional marketing practices, dig into the latest trends to upgrade your digital campaign. You can create compelling videos, leverage technical SEO, or generate interactive content. Similarly, you can launch personalized campaigns to improve the online shopping experience. 

Most importantly, reevaluate your marketing budget and determine which tactics will bring the highest return on investment (ROI). Also, look into channels that will help funnel high-quality leads. So, do you have any clue about the newest wrinkles in digital markets? If not, have a look below. Here are five digital marketing hacks to increase sales. 

#1. Hop onto Technical SEO 

Nowadays, optimizing websites for search engines has become a common practice. Marketers look into the critical ranking factors such as visual elements, responsiveness, etc., and try to secure brand position on Google’s top results. Unfortunately, that is not how things happen in today’s dynamic landscape. Search engines give preferential treatment to websites that display certain technical characteristics. Therefore, work on technical SEO to ensure your site’s security and structure aligns with search engine algorithms. Here we are listing crucial elements of technical SEO.

  • XML Sitemaps: Sitemaps help search engines understand the website’s context, leading to better indexing. You can look for the best sitemap generator tool to provide a roadmap to search engine bots and improve web page visibility. 
  • Loading Speed: Search engines prefer websites that load quickly, making it another ranking factor. If your site has loading glitches, test the speed, and use fast hosting. Likewise, minimize the HTTP requests and ensure your image files are small. 
  • SSL Certificate: With spiking cyberattacks, search engines are giving a lot of importance to security. Secure sockets layer (SSL) creates an encrypted link between the browser and web server. Hence, install an SSL certificate on your website to safeguard all data. 

#2. Embrace Video Marketing 

Videos have become an integral part of digital campaigns, and this trend isn’t going anywhere. According to research by Cisco, videos will account for nearly 82% of internet traffic. Therefore, every brand must create compelling and entertaining videos for the audience. Since live and branded videos have the highest engagement rates currently, begin your video campaign with these video formats. 

In live video sessions, you can interact with people, respond to queries, and address audiences’ concerns. Similarly, you can showcase your products and services in real-time to provoke impulse buying behavior. These videos can increase social impressions such as likes, shares, and comments, offering higher visibility. Besides this, you can also make explainer or how-to product description videos for prospective clients. In addition to educating people, informational videos can improve sales prospects. 

Once you have created compelling videos, choose a placement forum. Usually, marketers add videos on the website’s landing page, but it is not enough. You can leverage the second largest search engine YouTube and upload your videos with relevant keywords. It will get your videos more views while improving the engagement rates. 

#3. Upgrade your Content Strategy 

With spiking competition, your content marketing campaign has to go beyond blog posts and articles. Businesses understand the importance of audience engagements which means, you have to create content that fosters interactions. Thus, consider upgrading your content strategy by incorporating interactive content. For this, you can create polls, quizzes, or host contests to keep the users engaged. Similarly, you can also conduct giveaway contests to build brand awareness. 

Moreover, create eBooks and white papers since people want to learn about topics in detail. Indeed, generating long-form content is time-consuming but offers equally beneficial results. You can gate the content and ask visitors to give contact information in exchange for the download. Alongside building an email list, it can help you generate leads. Besides, such content marketing tactics can give you insightful data about the users. After all, quiz and poll results can reveal consumers’ changing tastes and preferences. 

#4. Create Personalized Campaigns 

Modern-day customers want companies to treat them as individuals. They expect customized product recommendations and discount offers tailored to their specific interests. If your target audience has similar expectations, opt for personalized marketing. It is a data-driven marketing strategy that builds relationships with customers on an individual level. Here are five tips to help you implement a customized marketing campaign. 

  • Personalization will only be possible when you have rich data sources and analysis tools. It can gather information about customers through social media engagement and website visits, giving deep insights into audiences’ interests. 
  • You can leverage the data to identify your ideal customers and segment them into different categories, such as price-sensitive customers or one-time buyers. Likewise, you can also create segments based on demographics – age, gender, income level, location, etc. 
  • Next up, you have to create highly personalized content offers for the customers. Identify where the customer is on the sales funnel and send a customized offer. 
  • Add a human touch to your interactions by creating a warmer and friendlier experience. You can add a picture and name of the person the customers are communicating with to put a real face on the company. 
  • Lastly, you can create a ‘recommended for you’ section on the website enabled with artificial intelligence and machine learning. It analyzes past behaviors and recommends products accordingly.

#5. Analyze & Test Marketing Strategies 

Usually, marketers think their work is complete after setting up the website and marketing campaigns, but it is the other way. The digital marketing efforts would always be a work in progress since you have to keep testing and optimizing the campaigns. You can utilize A/B testing to compare multiple versions of the webpage together. It will determine which page has the highest conversion rates, allowing you to invest more resources in it. 

However, make sure you are testing one element at a time. For instance, you can check for no images vs. images or long vs. short copy. After all, you never know how changing a small element can create a considerable increase in leads. Hence, keep testing your landing page and ads to incorporate changes that improve the site’s performance. 

Wrapping Up 

As digitalization has become the need of the hour, marketers are using innovative strategies to generate promising results. While some stick to social media campaigns, others are using new content formats to engage customers. You can also create interactive content, videos or initiate personalized marketing campaigns. These practices can set up your business for success, increasing the sales prospects. 

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