5 Creative Ways To Raise Money for a School

Whether you’re part of a public school, private school or an alternative school, chances are extremely high that at some point or another, you’re going to have the need to raise some money. Perhaps it’s a special field trip, specialized equipment or more supplies that are needed. But figuring out what you need is the easy part. It’s often a little more difficult to choose a great way to go about raising money. Here are a few suggestions to get your creative juices flowing.

1. Donut Sale

If you’re interested in how to do a Krispy Kreme Fundraiser, great! You can earn your school up to a 50% profit by hoisting one. Think of it as a new twist on the bake sale. You can up the ante on the donuts, by making certain ones big winners. For instance, purchasing a chocolate glazed donut could count as an entry for a grand prize. Likewise, purchasing a certain amount of donuts could make someone eligible for a prize. Donuts are always a good time.

2. Talent Show

Putting on a talent show is sure to be a good time. Not only will students and staff have the chance to showcase their talents and hobbies, but people will also buy tickets to see them. Carefully tailoring the show will help you fetch a better ticket price, as will adding some well-loved local celebrities to the entertainment lineup. Be sure to diversify performances and distribute them evenly throughout the show. Boost your fundraising by selling merchandise or concessions at the show.

3. Movie Night

Everyone can enjoy a good movie night. And the best thing about them is that they’re pretty easy to organize. Classic movies are a great choice and allow for a broader viewing audience. But novelty and age-appropriate movies can make for just as successful of a fundraiser as a classic favorite. Whether you’re indoors or outdoor, a movie license will be needed to legally show the film. There should be a cover charge to attend and additional money can be raised by selling popcorn, drinks and candy.  

4. Dance

A school dance can take on many forms. It could be a parent-child dance, a Sadie Hawkins dance, an 80’s dance, or any other fun-filled theme you choose. Keep in mind that you’ll want to pick an engaging theme and build up a lot of buzz surrounding the dance in order to sell more tickets. It also helps to hold mini-contests within the event in order to boost fundraising power. Although you will need to hire a DJ and purchase refreshments, it helps to recruit volunteers for other paid positions in order to turn a better profit.

5. Trivia Night

Matching wits is always fun and hosting a fundraiser trivia night is relatively inexpensive. There are ready-made packages available and you can just as easily put together your own trivia questions. Remember to offer an excellent prize for the winner. Prizes can range from vouchers to businesses around town to something as simple as a gift card. You can raise money by charging a cover charge and selling concessions and branded merch during the event.

There are lots of creative ways to raise money for your school, and these are just a few of them. Remember to include advertising for your fundraiser so that you can raise the most money for your cause. Well-attended fundraisers are going to do well, regardless of the type of fundraiser it is. Also, keep in mind that these events should be fun and lighthearted, so plan with that in mind.

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