Creative Storage Hacks for Bedrooms with Small Closets

Not having enough storage often ends up in stuff unorganized and scattered throughout your room or, even worse, you have to give away items you really enjoy. Never fear! If you’re someone with a tiny closet and too many things, consider these 13 creative storage hacks!


If your room has enough space, an external wardrobe piece can be a lifesaver! It’s basically a furniture piece that adds a whole extra closet to your room. Wardrobes are typically made with hanging storage, shelves, and drawers, so you have a place to store all your various items. The only downside to buying a wardrobe is that they do take up a hefty amount of space, and typically come with a high price tag. However, if you have the space and budget for it, this one is a no-brainer.

Under-Bed Storage

If your room is small and you don’t have tons of extra space for a dresser or wardrobe, under-bed storage is a must! There are so many ways you can optimize the storage under your bed. You can simply get short, wide bins and store things you don’t use daily, or purchase a bed frame with built-in drawers for more frequent use.

Clothing Rack

Open storage is all the rage nowadays. If your closet doesn’t have enough hanging space for all your clothes, purchase a clothing rack and have them visible in your room. You can organize them by color to make them more aesthetically pleasing, and suddenly your extra storage is also adding to the chic décor of your room!

Roomy Dresser or Chest

If a wardrobe is a little too much for you, you can typically find a dresser for less money. They also tend to take up less space. Dressers not only offer you space for folding clothes in their roomy drawers, but also storage on top of the piece. You can also place a large mirror on top of your dresser and kill two birds with one stone. If your room is really tight, opt for a chest that is taller than it is wide.

Display your Accessories

As we mentioned, open storage is trending. Use this to your advantage! Hang your hats, jewelry, or scarves in an aesthetically pleasing way on the walls. This not only optimizes accessory storage but stops you from having to buy as much wall art which can save you $$$.

Headboard with Storage

Headboards with storage built-in are a newer development, and people are loving them! They typically have drawers that slide out from the side. This can save you from needing a large nightstand and is a great place to put those small things that sometimes don’t have an obvious place.

Lofted Bed

If you’re really strapped for space, lofting your bed is one of the best things you can do. It doesn’t have to be sky-high, but enough that you can fit a dresser, or two, underneath can truly be life-changing.

Ottoman Bench with Space

It’s a classic look to have a stylish ottoman at the end of your bed. This is great because it not only provides extra seating in your room, but most ottoman benches come with storage inside that’s great for extra blankets, sheets, and pillows. Those pesky items that are hard to store and take up tons of space usually fit wonderfully in an ottoman bench.

Door-hanging Shoe Rack

Shoes are exceptionally hard to find storage for since they aren’t items that typically stay nice enough to be displayed openly, but you want easy access to them since you wear them every day. This is where door-hanging shoe racks come in handy! If you have a closet door that opens regularly, rather than sliding, you need to take advantage of this hack right away. There are pockets for your shoes to be conveniently stored in, and you can simply close the door to hide them from guests.

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are another super popular storage method trending right now. They’re a great way to store books, candles, décor pieces, or aesthetically pleasing beauty items like perfume bottles.

Drawer Organizers

We often focus on organizing all the big stuff and forget all the small things that can easily get shoved in a drawer, jumbled, and forgotten about. If you’re someone who struggles with this, get yourself some drawer organizers! They are typically very cost-effective and keep everything separated and easily accessible.

Nightstands with Storage

While a sleek nightstand with one thin drawer can look chic, it isn’t the most practical when it comes to storage. Try opting for a nightstand with more drawer space. This is an awesome place to store delicates and socks and can free up a drawer in your dresser for bigger items.

Stacked Hangers

If you’re trying to maximize your closet space, stacked hangers are the way to go. These hangers can store 5-10 clothing items on one hanger and allow you to fit way more stuff into a small closet.

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