Cooking Crush – Let’s Crush The Best Cooking Games

Everybody likes to use their idle time in some sort of activity. Some like to read books, some exercise, some cook and some play games. People can have more than one type of hobby.

There is good news for those of you who love to cook and play games. There is a cooking game called Cooking Crush that is available so you can enjoy yourselves to the maximum. Cooking Crush combines the fun of playing, and the skills related to the art of cooking. Even if you have just started playing cooking games, you can learn a lot from this cooking game.

Would you recommend this Cooking game?

I would 100 percent recommend Cooking Crush. It is not only great for killing time but I know that I am learning useful things in the process. After playing this game, I feel confident enough to stand in the kitchen and cook a decent meal for my family.

What makes Cooking Crush a good kitchen game?

Cooking Crush is a top of the line cooking game, developed by Flowmotion Entertainment Cooking And Girl Games. Flowmotion has previously developed many time management games but Cooking Cush seems like the perfect version. The game focuses on captivating the player in a realistic kitchen simulation experience. Right from the first second, you will find that you can not keep your eyes away from the jaw-dropping graphics and saliva-inducing delicious foods that seem real.

The game opens smoothly and the player is directed to a screen showing the game map. A daily coin bonus message pops up and you instantly know that the game will be studded with surprise bonuses and gifts. The incentives pull you in and you start playing.

Every level is different from the other. The first level is a tutorial and is much easier than the subsequent ones. Once you get the hang of the game, the levels will become more and more difficult but you will be able to play them. The game trains you and builds your skills and focus.

As the name Cooking Crush implies, you have to cook meals throughout this game. Unlike other cooking games, Cooking Crush lets you customize your working space like you would decorate a real kitchen of yours. This feature is of great importance not just in your initial kitchen but makes new kitchens look very friendly and homely.

That is correct, you will get not one but many kitchens! Every time you master a certain food type, you will be promoted to a new restaurant which specializes in a different sort of food. You will get to prepare gourmet foods like different cakes and baked goods, chicken tikka and everyone’s favorite food, pizza!

However, you have to start from the bottom. You start your career by making burgers and flipping burger patties. You will learn that you need to take care of multiple things while cooking. A restaurant just does not run by cooking alone. You have to greet the customers, take orders and manage multiple orders in such an efficient way so that you do not get the food cold and the customers are served on time. Each food must be cooked for a certain amount of time. The preparation time determines the sequence in which you cook the food.

This challenge helps to develop time management skills. It is possible you may not be good at it initially but as you keep playing, your skills will be polished and you will excel. Managing time is not only important in this game but it is a crucial skill needed in real life.

Overall, this game has not only taught me positive things but also motivated me to get up and use this knowledge in my real kitchen. I would give this game productivity points as well!

How much does this game cost?

You do not need to worry about buying this game as it is available for free.

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