Blood Pressure Symptoms and Cure

Our body goes through a system for everything inside us. The heart does its job by pumping blood to every part of the body utilizing arteries and veins. What if it gets affected or not processes properly? You’ll not be fit to perform certain activities. The force that the blood applies to the walls of arteries is called blood pressure.

Increased blood pressure degrees affect billions of people around the world, still, due to the poor level of comprehension, several people are oblivious of how to govern this medical circumstance. Here we strive to alleviate light on all facets of Blood Pressure along with how you can cure it and what its symptoms are.

The pressure when the heart is at rest is called diastolic pressure and when it is beating and pumping blood, it is known as systolic pressure.

As blood pressure happens to be an important characteristic of any person’s health, keeping it in check and appropriate treatment is important for which medicines can be helpful. With existing online offers on medicines users can get the best of products without any extra efforts. Medlife also provides services from routine check-ups to quality treatments from trusted physicians.


The reading of blood pressure has two forms, the systolic pressure gives the upper reading and diastolic gives a lower reading. On the basis of these readings, blood pressure is categorised as low or high blood pressure.

The systolic pressure ranging less than 100 mm/Hs and diastolic pressure less than 60 mm/Hg, is considered as low whereas if it goes above 120 mm/Hg in systolic reading and 80 to 89 mm/Hg in diastolic reading, it is considered as a step towards hypertension.

The normal or wished range for systolic pressure is between 100 to 120 mm/Hg and diastolic pressure is around 80 mm/Hg.


High blood pressure is also known as hypertension, which refers to a medical situation where significances of both the systolic and diastolic pressure increases and remains high for a long duration, it can also be for one of them.


Blood pressure is never steady and variations are observed during a day. It declines when someone is in a peaceful state or asleep and increases with arduous manual action or workout. Nevertheless, a lengthy state of increased or bad blood pressure can influence the fitness of an individual.


The subsequent symptoms may be noticed in an individual with elevated blood pressure:

  • Dimmed Vision
  • Turmoil
  • Dizziness
  • Drastic headache
  • Aversion
  • Problem in napping
  • Palpitation
  • Exuding from nose & ears
  • Pain in the chest known as Angina

It is possible that many people might not have any of the symptoms above but still have high blood pressure.

You can surely get answers to your queries at any online pharmacy, where a team of experts is waiting for your questions and provide prescription accordingly.

Difficulties related to High Blood Pressure:

High blood pressure can cause many difficulties in your life, such as:

  • The downfall of cognitive abilities
  • Growth of any blood vessel leading to an excess in the flow of blood known as Aneurysm
  • Dementia
  • Boost the pressure on artery and heart
  • Harm to an artery that replenishes the eye
  • Cardiac Arrest
  • Stroke
  • Coronary Artery Disease
  • Kidney Dysfunction

Folks who are under continual anxiety, govern a passive lifestyle, undergo from adiposity or loose weight crises, take exaggerated salt in their diet. Also, people who have addictions like smoking and liquor consumption exist at elevated danger of increased blood pressure grades. Any person’s congenital characteristics are similarly a prominent reason for increased blood pressure.

Many health issues can also lead to high blood pressure like thyroid, kidney dysfunction, or even the pregnancy period might give rise to it.


Strengthening your blood pressure compels an extended-term supervision strategy. High blood pressure should be diagnosed under the supervision of specialists and you should be aware of the fluctuating levels of your blood pressure.

  • Grab treatments as prescribed: A doctor may stipulate prescriptions that reduces blood pressure status. The treatment degree and quantity may differ according to an individual’s age or gender or the complexities of the level of blood pressure.
  • Bring changes in diet: An individual with high blood pressure must eat soft sodium quantity in his diet. Oily, Carbohydrates and starch-rich food must be averted. Whole grains, proteins and raw fruits, vegetables and low-fat dairy must be absorbed.
  • Regular Exercise: Regular exercises not only decreases blood pressure status but moreover brings down the anxiety phases. You should do regular walking, swimming, cardio training, yoga according to your age, gender and body. Yoga is especially for aged people or for those who have knee injuries or arthritis.
  • Stop intake of Alcohol and Smoking: Intake of alcohol is certainly a factor in increasing blood pressure, also if created hindrance in the processing if many treatments. Smoking makes the artery walls heavier due to which the pressure of the blood increases, lending high blood pressure. Using nicotine of e-cigarettes can help in avoiding these addictions.
  • Avert caffeine: We regularly intake caffeine in the form of tea or coffee and are unaware that it plays a major role in increasing the level of our blood pressure. These drinks should be avoided and many health drinks or decaffeinated drinks can be entertained in their place.
  • Avoid Self-medication: The carcass seizes duration to adjust to the anti-hypertensive treatment. Physicians usually vary the dosage or category of prescriptions banking on the blood pressure degrees. This can be a tough stage for a person with high blood pressure, thus taking medications on own should be averted. No treatment must be carried or terminated without the specialist’s guidance. It is crucial to discuss and notify your physician at every phase.
  • Gestational Hypertension: Many of the pregnant women go through high blood pressure which is a normal thing. But there shouldn’t be any medication consumed without the prescription of your doctor, otherwise, it could affect the fetus in a way.
  • Routine checkups: A patient of high blood pressure should consult a doctor on a regular basis and try to monitor the levels of blood pressure regularly. The void in between could cause harm to your health.
  • Be with family or friends: High blood pressure takes time to get normal. Involve yourself with friends and family which relax you a bit, otherwise, it increases day by day. Seek for enthusiasm and happiness around you.
  • Maintain Cholesterol: Increased cholesterol increases hypertension. Check it regularly and try to maintain it, if it’s not normal.

Blood pressure is an essential system of our body functioning and thus having a great impact on our lives. Though it doesn’t look like a considerable disease but takes time to have an impact over the lives of common people. If you are having any of the symptoms or is sure of suffering from hypertension, consult a grant centre near you and what better than the service of Medlife? Medilife provides quality services of physicians, equipment and medications to heal any of the diseases. Start your routine check-up now at Medlife.

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