The Best Ways to Get More Social Media Followers

Today, consistent social media presence is not just merely an option; it’s the necessity for every brand.

No matter if your business is small, medium-sized, large, online, or offline – social networks provide an excellent opportunity and advantage for each.

Perhaps the most critical thing social media can do for any type of business is to help engage customers in a whole new way. Social networks allow business owners to get personal with their clients and form a bond of trust with them.

You can easily share articles, photos, videos, and other content, keeping your prospective and existing customers updated as to your business’s current events and latest offerings.

Our tips

The tips we have provided in this article won’t necessarily blow up your social media followings overnight. But if you are focused on quality followers, the only way to get them is by earning them organically. And that does take time and effort.

#1 Generate quality content

The most obvious tip to growing the number of followers on social media from most marketers is to produce quality content that resonates with your audience.

Remember that the content consumer today is very inconsistent: if you post something insipid or not exciting enough, people will unsubscribe immediately.

What really defines quality content?

  • It is defined by data;
  • it achieves marketing objectives;
  • it ranks well in Google;
  • it has a remarkable CTR (click-through rate);
  • it has lots of social media engagement;
  • it converts.

#2 Use an email signature

Companies send hundreds of emails every day. Just think, how many chances you lose by not promoting your social media accounts with every email. Obviously, it seems inappropriate for all the company employees to ask recipients to follow your company profile on social networks in every email they send.

But no worries, professional email signatures are an excellent, low-cost channel to do this. Just add social icons to email signatures of your employees and make the everyday email communication a natural part of your efforts to increase the number of subscribers on social media.

#3 Make a schedule

If you are disorganized with your posts on social media and have no schedule, you will forget things. Or publish less often. That’s why it is important to create a content calendar that will give you a big picture overview of your upcoming stuff.

Holidays, contests, product launches, and many other time-sensitive events can be planned ahead of time and placed on your calendar.

#4 Post on the same days

Aim for consistency when posting on social networks. For instance, if you decide that your social media post frequency should be three times a week (e.g., Monday, Wednesday, and Sunday), you know you need to create or curate content to fill that schedule. When you are consistent, your audience knows that they can visit your pages on specified days and expect a fresh post from you.

#5 Add follow buttons to your blog

A lot of business owners neglect to link to their social media profiles on their website. However, ideally, your site should always be working to grow the number of your social media fans. When visitors come to your blog/site and enjoy your content, chances are they would like to follow you on social networks not to miss your next posts. So, take the time and add these buttons to your blog.

Key takeaways

  • Content is always the “king.” Use your statistics to identify what posts and topics resonate with your audience;
  • be regular and consistent;
  • include social media follow buttons everywhere possible (website, blog, email signature);
  • create an email signature.

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