Best Tools for Ecommerce Marketer

The rapid growth of Internet marketing opportunities has changed methods of delivering information to the consumer. Big brands open internet marketing departments to promote themselves and their products and services, but what can a small business do not to lose in this digital race? This question has been answered by a host of services aimed at meeting the needs of small businesses in simple, reliable and highly effective tools that can reach the widest possible audience and help to make photos for e-commerce store.

Flipsnack: easy tool to create online catalogs

When it comes to ecommerce, catalogs need to serve two major purposes: to build awareness around your brand, and two, to increase sales. Nonetheless, having a well-designed catalog is essential if you want to reach your customers and keep them engaged for longer with your products.

And lucky for you, Flipsnack is home for a multitude of online catalog templates you can choose from. This tool really simplifies the entire process of creating a catalog from scratch. You can just start from a template and use the design studio to personalize it so that it fits your brand 100%. Starting with only $14/ month, you can really take advantage of creating and publishing your catalogs online. And the best thing about having your catalog online is that you can edit it whenever you need to and embed it on your website. Or use your social media following or e-mail base to keep your customers informed with your latest collections.

Canva: Graphic Design 

This tool simplifies graphic design by providing thousands of ready-made templates of professional quality for users. Each template is highly customisable, allowing to change fonts and colours to suit your preferences and needs. Canva provides an extensive library of photos and clips, as well as allows users to import their own images for easy branding. This makes it ideal for social media marketing, content branding and press releases. Canva provides its users with both free and paid features, with a subscription price of around $13 per month for advanced functionality, and with virtually unlimited content design options.

Animoto: Video Editor 

Extremely simple video editor for fast creation of vivid and stylish content. Like Canva, Animoto offers many templates but allows the user to create their own as well. Easy setup, a large library of images, fonts and music to choose from. All features make it ideal even for beginner marketers who looks for attractive content for social media. For more advanced users with complex tasks, Animoto offers a professional package: at around $22 per month. The package allows to create brand watermark, get advanced functionality in settings, and even license videos.

MailChimp: Mail Campaigns and Newsletters

Nowadays MailChimp is the largest platform for email marketing automation and it is reasonable.  It simplifies the coordination of email marketing campaigns, integration with social media marketing, and even the collection of click data and cost-effectiveness. MailChimp also provides a feature that allows marketers to transfer information through e-commerce databases to improve target prospects. A huge plus is that MailChimp is intuitive, allowing customers to quickly master its impressive collection of tools. The devil lies in the details: the free version strictly limits the number of contacts that can be saved and the number of emails that can be sent per month. Starting from $10 per month, the limit of contacts and emails limitations disappears.

The above-mentioned software for business advancement is oriented towards increasing the number of effective content samples and increasing the overall quality of this content – mainly the visual content that is perceived by online customers in the first place. As a matter of fact, this content plays a viable role in business development and is extremely important for developing effective business strategies the would hook the target audience from the very first glance at what your company offers to its customers. Remember, only high-quality product photos and videos are capable to attract really the immense audience and increase business conversion rate.

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