Top 5 Best Online Art Galleries For Your Art Work

As an artist, pushing your artwork to get noticed can be a daunting task. This can be quite frustrating if you would rather spend time creating new works of art.

Spare yourself the headache and maybe money by looking for a platform that specializes in art exclusively. Showcasing your talent on a platform that targets explicitly artists and those looking to buy unique drawings, you will get your work noticed sooner than you imagined.

Here are the top 5 art galleries you should consider if you’re looking to get your work noticed or buy an artwork.

1. The National Gallery

This is the number one online art gallery owing to its unmatched collection rich in sophistication and originality. The wide variety of art collections from the most outstanding artists makes it a topnotch choice.

The greatest artistic treasures are stored here. Unlocking them will inspire you to put your best foot forward. The national gallery is said to be home to products of the best artists ever to roam around Europe.

It boasts a vast collection of about 2400 pieces of luxurious contributions in art. This online gallery also prides itself on unique features such as virtual tours. Get acquainted with a wide variety of art ranging from the classic exhibitions to the latest ones.

2. Artnet

This is an online art gallery that has gained worldwide appreciation and recognition for its all-inclusive features. Artists all over the world are treated to a platform for all their exciting artwork.

Visitors to the site can expect nothing but the richest art collections at their best. They can also have a feel of artistic tastes and cultures from across the globe. This is a learning center for anyone interested in the historical inspiration behind the pieces of art.

What makes this particular online art gallery so unique is that it has informative features. You can browse from the comfort of your home as you learn about the upcoming art fairs as well as the trending patterns in the fascinating world of art.

The top on the list feature is the one that brings collectors, buyers, and artists together. It has an educative price database mostly used by buyers to ensure that their purchases are worthwhile.

3. Google Street Art Project

As the name suggests, this online gallery supports street art and markets it worldwide through Google. Street art lovers can treat themselves to artwork from talented street artists who strive to put their society on the global map.

You can have a front-row seat to the history and culture of a particular community, as well as the inspiration behind it. All this can be achieved through the power of online art galleries and the influence it wields.

The Google Street Art Project has enabled the audio feature for some of the street artwork you encounter. This grants you the unique opportunity to have a firsthand lesson on how the art on the walls came to be.

That’s not all; this particular online gallery captures artistic events such as street art festivals. It has documented events in some destinations in Europe, such as Berlin and Buenos Aires.

4.  Affordable Art Fair

Art fairs are quite beneficial to artists looking to take their artwork to a whole new level. This platform gives them a chance to display their work and broaden their audience

The Affordable Art Fair has visitors from all over the world. It gives art lovers the rare chance of getting to know artists that are still new to the industry. This way, they will never get locked out of the latest artistic releases

Though it mostly targets artists from some parts of Europe, its befitting features also stretch towards like-minded artists. The prices in question are primarily dependent on the location of the art fair.

As an artist, this is the best place to set up your online gallery business. Interested buyers are always on the lookout for affordable artwork to purchase. As time goes by, you are assured of a growing enterprise.

5. The Vatican

Due to its fascinating nature, the Vatican has been a tourist hub until recently, when touring became limited. Nowadays, you can only visit selected parts of The Vatican

On the bright side, you are welcome to have a virtual tour of the same as you feast on artistic exhibitions. The best part is that all this can be done for free. The Vatican museum is packed with loads of breathtaking collections of art

A virtual tour will not restrict you to only specific parts of The Vatican. Instead, you can view as much of the galleries as you can. Artists can take this as a welcome opportunity to learn from fellow artists.

At the same time, you can put all you’ve learned into practice and apply fresher tactics into your artwork.

How To Build An Online Presence As An Artist

Now that you’ve found a platform to display your artistic prowess, here are pointers to make the most out of these platforms:

  • Find the community where you feel you belong. With numerous social media platforms, it’s up to you to find out what works for you and holds promise for your future endeavors.
  • Take advantage of the power wielded by photos. As much as possible, take photos of your art and post them. Quality photos rather than just links usually attract people.
  • Be consistent. Since the recognition of your work is your current goal, consistency should be your norm. Keep reminding your followers online what you’re all about. Always give them something new to look forward to.

Final Thoughts

The internet has been at the forefront of promoting businesses. Art is not an exception since it is well established and has found its footing in the modern world. Art-centered individuals are welcome to take advantage of this great opportunity and save themselves the hustle that comes with getting your work noticed.

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