Best Cheap Alternatives for Your First Drone

Are you going to buy your first drone? Then you have come to the right place as we are going to show you a cheaper alternative for your first drone. There are many cheap models available with great features available on the market. The use of drones has increased in past years and in the coming years, it will become a common thing. There are many companies who are manufacturing drone and very company says that their product is best. Well, it all depends on you that what is your budget. You can also visit for more information and reviews of the drones.

To help you choose the best drone, we have organized a list of the best cheap drones. If you are a newbie then these drones will be the best choice for you. Buy a cheap drone first, if you do not know how to fly.

Cheap Drones

Following are the top cheap models currently available in 2019. We have selected them because they are cheap, durable and have great features.

Hornet AA818

Hornet AA818 is one of the best cheap drones. The design of this quadcopter is very unique and durable. Moreover, it is very strong and endures to damages. Moreover, this drone has an amazing 720P camera for photography. The flight time is about 15 minutes which is maximum in this price range. Moreover, it has 150 meters long range which means you can reach and shoot at high places where normal drones cannot reach.


  • Built-in HD Camera for taking video and photos
  • Also has a long flight time of 15 minutes
  • Moreover, it comes with three flight modes for different skill levels
  • Also has a headless mode which is very helpful for beginners
  • Has take-off and landing button

Altair Aerial AA108

This is one of the best drones available in this price range. Most of the experts recommend this model to the newbies. It is cheap but has all the necessary great features to call it a complete package. The design is very good and durable. Moreover, it also includes an HD camera with long range and flight time.

Another great feature included in this model for newbies is headless mode. The Altair Aerial is a very famous and well-known company. Another plus point of this model that makes it the best choice for newbies is its altitude hold feature. Anyhow, you can set this setting off if you want to increase the speed.


  • The Flight time of AA108 is up to 10 minutes.
  • Also, has a high range from 100 to 300 meters.
  • It also includes three flight modes.
  • Headless de
  • One touch takeoff and landing,
  • Altitude hold feature
  • Built-in 720 P Camera for shooting

Holy Stone HS170 Predator

This drone costs under 40$ only and one of the best. We will recommend this drone to both kids and adults. It has three flight modes and headless mode that make learning easy. Moreover, it is one of the stylish and durable drones that you will love. You will never find such performance and long range in this price range.


  • Has a flight time of 5 to 7 minutes only.
  • Has a range of up to 50 meters
  • Comes with three flight modes for different skill levels.
  • Also has 6-axis gyro and headless mode.

Tomahawk Drone

Tomahawk is very popular in the market and the first choice of every beginner. Actually, this drone is specially designed for those who want to learn to fly. Also, for the people who do not care about extra features. It has an HD sports camera which is best for taking photos and videos. If you want your drone to be fast and want to make an aerial video then this model is for you. But if you want to spend some more money on features then the Hornet or AA108 will be the best choice.


  • The flight time of tomahawk is up to 17 minutes.
  • Also has a better range up to 500 meters
  • But it just has 2 flight modes
  • The remote control is very responsive.
  • Also, include axis gyro and a 720 HD sports camera

These were some best alternatives for your first drone. You can choose anyone according to your requirements and budget.

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