Benefits of Using Laravel For Web Development

Laravel is a free open-source PHP framework for developing web applications; it is currently one of the most darling PHP frameworks. It is very popular in development world because the methods used to authenticate and control access to resources are very simple. Almost anything can be customized extraordinarily.

Laravel strives to ensure that the development process is a pleasant experience for the developer without compromising the functionality of the application. Although the Laravel Framework is only three years old, it has established itself as the best and superior to other PHP frameworks. Laravel PHP Framework is built with simple and expressive code syntax. It provides the benefits of a developer-friendly environment for web applications and maintainable code. In this blog post, we have discussed what benefits does Laravel offers when used for web-development. 

Why Use Laravel Framework?

PHP is a popular and accessible language. It is easy to install and present with all hosting providers. It’s a rich language and rather easy to learn, especially for someone who already has some programming basics. We can quickly realize a functional web application thanks to it. But the flip side of this simplicity is that very often the code created is confusing, complex, without any consistency. It must be recognized that PHP does not encourage to organize its code and nothing obliges to do so.

When you create PHP applications you end up having personal routines all ready for recurring functions, for example to manage pages dynamically. Once you have created a function or a class to perform a task, it is natural to look for it when the same situation arises. Since it is a personal library and that we are the only master on board, it must obviously be updated when necessary, and it is sometimes tedious.

In general, we also have a hierarchy of folders that we used to and we reproduce it when we start developing a new application. We realize sometimes that this habit has perverse effects because the hierarchy that we set up in a systematic way is not necessarily the most suitable.

In summary, the personal approach is more of a do-it-yourself job to match his skills and availability. The usefulness of a framework is to avoid spending time developing what has already been done by others who are often more competent and which has also been used and validated by many users. We can imagine a framework as a set of tools available. For example, I have to do routing for my site, I take a component that is already ready and has proven itself and I use it: time saving, reliability, update if necessary.

What are the Benefits of Using Laravel for Web-Development?

  • Faster Development

In modern corporate world, all the business keep looking for the options that can help accelerating their digital transformation; and this is why, it is very important to opt for the web development frameworks that are suitable for your business. With Laravel development framework, it is very rare that you go wrong, because it not only speeds up your web application development process, but it also allows you become functional in the live environment way faster than any other web-development framework.

  • Top-Notch Security

News related to cyber-attach and security breach have become regular these days. In such situation, having a web-development framework which protects your website from such future instance is a must. Laravel’s high-security levels are among one of the primary reasons, that most of the business enterprises choose it, especially the ones that are data-driven and data sensitive. Laravel, itself is a very secured development framework, which does not allow any security threat or malware enter the web-app system. This means that the code of your web-app development is also safe and secured. You web-application presents no risk of hidden and unintentional SQL injections.

  • Excellent Performance

Laravel’s excellent performance is another primary reason which makes it the most sought-after web-development framework among other PHP platforms. Once your website is developed, there are plenty of features that keep affecting the website’s performance. But, if you have use Laravel as your development framework, then it helps developers to improve the performance of your web-application whenever required. Tools like Redis and Memcached must be integrated within your Laravel’s framework during your web-app development. This makes it way easier for the development to gauge and improve the overall performance of the web-application. All these features simply indicate that Laravel offers the best performance for your web-application. 

  • Large Developers’ Community & Plenty of Free Documentation

Another significant benefit of using Laravel for web-development is its strong community of development companies and developers that are associated to it. Being an open-source platform, Laravel’s developer community keeps on providing constant support to make it mores scalable and flexible. Hence, if your web developer, anytime want to add up complex functionalities, then he can always get the free advice and suggestions from the community and hence adapt them the application appropriately. In simple words, your web-app development and improvement process never gets hindered with Laravel, despite your requirements to add up complex functionalities. 

  • Unit Testing

Another significant benefits that can lure you towards choosing Laravel as your web-development framework, is its quick an easy unit-testing features. Now, if any one of you don’t know about Unit Testing, it is a testing type which helps you test every single component or module that you develop. Using Unit Testing ensures that no component or module of you web-app is broken. It also makes sure that there are no glitches, exceptions, errors or bugs in your application, before it actually enters the production phase. This, in other words means that Laravel provides you with a bug-free, powerful and high-functional web application which serves its end-users with smooth user experience. 

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