The Beginner’s Guide to use Memes on Instagram

Memes have now become the most common post to be shared on social media platforms. On instagram their presence is inevitable. They have become so bankable for businesses and brands, that they have become trending to boost Instagram engagement for them. Brands are realizing that they are extremely powerful to build your brand identity and boost engagement and you shouldn’t take any further time to do so.

While we know what makes memes so special and popular in our generation, there are still a ton of things and uses you need to know about how to use memes when it comes to the business front. Below we have listed it all.

Promotion of brand values

You cannot forget that Instagram is a social place first, and then a medium for marketing. So, people on Instagram, which is your target audience, would not follow you for your brand value or established name. But, if you make attempts to connect with them on a deeper level, there’s nothing that can stop your audience from hitting the follow button.

So, the best memes you post must be extremely relevant to your target audience to generate a sense of ‘our own’. To promote your brand values, show them the bricks that established your foundation in a creative manner.

Share viral and funny tweets from your Industry

A type of meme which was circulated and got really trending was, sharing screenshots of viral tweets from the specified industry. This strategy was enforced not only by meme accounts but also by big corporate giants.

You can post anything that is relevant to your community and appears funny or sarcastic. Tweets which reflect a message you want to share, reflect your brand style, your attitude, or is just relatable, and funny, can be shared. If you are thinking that these screenshots would not be aesthetically pleasing, well, it doesn’t really matter as long as it reaches the audience and strikes the right chords.

Soft promote your products

Do not forget your end goals: to increase sales and earn more revenue. Direct promotion of products can appear frustrating to prospective customers. But memes do not really feel like a paid promotion, or as if you are forcing something on your audience. The reason why its promotion via memes is called ‘soft-promotion’.

However, don’t restrict yourself to the promotion, engage and communicate with your audience over the comment section. If done right, memes will prove to be an indirect way of selling or promotion. Trust me, it’s way more authentic than any other technique.

Be Time oriented

The importance of time can’t be undermined, irrespective of any social media platform. Instagram is great for relevant memes but if you are time-oriented, there’s nothing better!

The onus is on you to decide your scheduling. Some brands prefer weekly posting, while some add stories daily. Some do on weekends, while some on other days. You need to chalk out the best timing in your industry and play around. Remember, consistency is the key to a successful Instagram campaigns.

Keep your audience entertained

Entertainment, Entertainment, Entertainment.

This is exactly why the concept of memes became so popular in the first place. Dull and boring memes aren’t really memes, but just pictures with captions. There’s nothing wrong with thinking business, after all, that’s why we all are here. But every once in a while, share memes solely for entertainment purposes. Since at the end of the day you need an increasing flow of IG views and likes to your account. Memes works the best when it comes to raise the number of followers on your profile.

This will establish you as an approachable organization, operating amidst the crowd. Next time when you decide on posting, think about how you can pull your audience and entertain. This will also help you develop lasting relationships with your audience, they would reckon there is a human face behind.

Over to you…

Using Instagram can be really fun and super versatile, but in the process, we have seen individuals lose focus and drift paths. You can’t afford to be one of them. Don’t forget your end goals and don’t let the so-called rules win over creativity.

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