Become a Cloud Computing Expert with These Best Training Resources

Cloud computing is becoming part of everyday life for individuals and companies. Today, almost everything has an element of cloud computing from entertainment to work-related projects. The demand for cloud computing has created a demand for individuals with cloud computing skills. Some online courses and resources have been designed to help interested people learn cloud computing at their convenience. Some of the top resources include:

Pruralsight: Cloud Computing Certification & Training

Despite its popularity, cloud computing is still an evolving technology. The technology is undergoing regular advancements and hence the need to update yourself with the changes. This cloud computing training resource helps you understand the differences between various cloud services, the critical role of the software and guide in selecting the right services for your project. The training covers different topics that include AWS Fundamentals, Microsoft Azure, and cloud security among others. The training is classified into three difficulty levels that include beginner, intermediate, and advanced. The self-paced training teaches you different types of infrastructures and services and invaluable skills useful for setting up your own business.

EdX: Cloud Computing by University of Maryland

If you are looking for detailed training on various cloud technologies and infrastructure, this training course by the University of Maryland is one of the best resources on the internet. The course focuses on AWS and Google Cloud Azure technologies as well as PaaS, laaS, and Saas infrastructures. Unlike other courses, this course also looks at the legal and compliance issues of cloud computing as well as the security mitigations. In addition to the theoretical aspect, the course also gives you the opportunities to deploy, configure, and manage cloud technologies, which is crucial when preparing for the AWS practice exam. The training gives you knowledge on every cloud foundation and model as well as the skills to perform the adoption and migration of projects. The eight weeks course also teaches you how to deploy cloud systems and ensure security while mitigating risks.

Lynda: Cloud Computing Training

If you are looking to gain a thorough understanding of how cloud services work, the cloud computing training by Lynda is the perfect resource. Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate, the training gives you an understanding of the process of research and implementation of cloud services. The self-paced tutorials are well organized based on the experience levels. With over 250 training, the course allows you to explore and understand the cloud’s core services and functionalities. From career prospects to advanced topics like application migration and cloud security and governance, the course is designed for everyone interested in cloud computing. The training comes with exercises for practice that are available online and offline. The course also has an offline view feature that lets you attend classes as per your convenience.

Coursera: Cloud Computing Course by University of Illinois

This training resource by the University of Illinois gives you a deeper knowledge of how private and public cloud computing systems work. The course trains at the core algorithms, techniques design philosophies used in cloud computing. It also looks at the fundamental distributing concepts in cloud computing. Some of the topics covered by the course include NoSQL, MapReduce, and scalability, among others. It also gives more focus on the technical aspect with a workload of practical assignments that are meant to give you a clear view of how the process works. The five weeks of study, 38 hours training is a perfect resource for beginners looking to advance their cloud computing skills. Upon completion of the training, the trainee is expected to pass graded assessments to earn a certificate.


If you have a passion for cloud computing, the above training resources will acquaint you with how it works as well as give you the skills that you need to deploy and manage cloud computing services and networks. The amazing thing about these resources is that some are free, which means that you learn cloud computing even without paying anything.

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