Be Open Right from the Start

The only problem with introducing time management apps is the negative impact it places on employee morale. For this reason, the introduction is everything. As the manager, it is up to you to explain the how’s and why’s of this system clearly and emphatically.  

It will be very important to gauge the reactions of your employees. This is especially important if your monitoring system is particularly demanding. The age of your employees is another important point to keep in mind. Some employees, especially those who are advanced in years, may have a harder time adapting to new systems as they age.  

No one likes to be monitored and having your actions tracked by your boss can be nerve-wracking. Your employees may feel a very high lack of trust in their management and this can be reflected in a considerable loss of productivity.  

Taking the time to explain the reasons for using it can help you slip the idea gently into business operations and reduce the harsh reaction on the part of your employees. There are many ways that this can be accomplished and when done right the tracking calculator implementation should be a smooth and advantageous one.  

Spend Less Time Tracking Employee Time 

One important advantage of this time management software is convenience. Do not allow something that can only take 10 minutes to take you hours. With the time tracking calculator, logging daily work should never take more than 10 minutes and most often, much less than that. Don’t allow a time-saving process to cost you more time and effort.  

Your employees are responsible for returning carefully corrected and organized timesheets and thus reducing double data entry. This can be greatly simplified with a monthly review process that collects everyone’s tracking data at once, rather than having to collect information from older emails.  

It is even better if you will be able to automate certain parts of your work and have all of this done online. 

Choose the Time Tracking Method Wisely 

There is always a certain level of resistance when tracking time on a company level for the first time. When you are choosing the method you will use for tracking, it will be important to consider the needs and workflow of your employees, see here for more information.  

In other words, this should not be something that complicates your work, but something that adds convenience and saves time.  

With this in mind, your employee timesheet app should be adaptable. This means that the form should be suited to match the needs of the location and the operations of the employee in their specific department, project, and customer. This will take a little planning and understanding of the app’s functions.   

The best app is one that offers functionality with a highly intuitive user interface. It is far better to choose a product on the functionality rather than the flashiness and clever marketing program.   

Discuss the Benefits of Time Tracking Tools  

We recommend using as many articles and case histories that you can to support the advantage of using time tracking software within a company. Make it clear that this new direction is being chosen for its simplicity and benefits, not to make anyone’s life more difficult.  

Be sure to explain all of the advantages to your employees. Then remember to maintain excellent credibility with your team by exemplifying the benefits predicted as they reveal themselves.  

Failure to do so could result in resentment among your employees if these benefits are not made evident.  

Lead by Example 

One of the best ways to implement any type of plan is to be the first to place these actions into practice. Be the first to try it out and let your employees know what to expect.  

Predicting future problems 

That way you will be able to introduce the plan to your employee from personal hands-on experience. You will also be the first to encounter the process from the perspective of your employees and can show them the how-to’s which keeps things as simplistic as possible.  

Your capacity to demonstrate the advantages of your app is vital. In addition to providing proof with graphs and metrics, you should also demonstrate the benefits that your employees can expect.  

It would be helpful to point out that this is NOT an invasion of privacy and you will not be tracking your employee’s actions and punishing those that stray from the straight and narrow so much as a hair’s breadth.  

When your employees see that you are making headway in this process, they will be inclined to follow suit. As a rule of thumb, those in leadership positions should be the first to implement changes that they hope their children will follow. This makes it much easier to convince others to follow suit.    

Organize Future Projects 

Software for time management is not only useful for the moment, it is an investment in future growth.  

Therefore, this would be a good time to remind your employees of their established goals and show how the implementation of this app will facilitate their goals.

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