Avoiding Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner Swirls

Have you noticed that your outdoor floors get dirty and stained over some time? One might spend hours cleaning these floors; still, the result is not 100%. Therefore, many house owners nowadays prefer to use pressure surface cleaners for their concrete floors and outdoor areas.

pressure washer surface cleaner is high power machinery, utilizing a motorized mechanism to clean the floor. A powerful water jet is used to eradicate the stains and dirt, while the operator can control the movement of the machine.

But it’s not that easy! You see, at times this Pressure Surface cleaner leaves behind some ugly swirls damaging the overall look of your patio or porch. One might end up damaging the floor concrete by using excess water pressure.

How does it Work?

Many people are unaware of how Pressure Surface Cleaner works. If you are also one of them, we are here with a simple explanation of the process!

Actually, a Pressure Surface Cleaner has twin spray nozzles that jet water on the floor that is intended to be cleaned. The nozzles wash the floor off any dirt and dust. Majority of the Pressure Surface Cleaners are attached with a pressure washer.

Also, consider moving the machine in small circles, to ensure proper cleaning of the surface. In case you experience any bumps or vibrations, switch off the machine and clean both the nozzles. Make sure you have removed all the fragile items from the path of the cleaner.

Tired of Swirls during Pressure Washing Surface Cleaning?

There are many issues that you can come across while using a pressure surface cleaner. Some of them are like rough functioning, pressure washer leakage, abrupt shutting off, or pressure washer pulsations. But a common issue faced by the homeowners are the swirls caused by these cleaning machines.

Swirls are the curve patterns that can be seen after a pressure cleaning session. We know that these swirls can be really annoying. Now, you can avoid these swirls with some easy measures.

  • Slow Movements – At times, swirls are generated due to fast machine movement. You can avoid this situation by making slow circular movements. Too rapid movements can also damage the floor concrete. So now you are actually preventing the swirls as well as saving the concrete from getting damaged!
  • Maintain the Pressure! – Surprisingly, swirls are also caused due to inappropriate water pressure and weak concrete flooring. If you are moving a high-pressure machine over the same place, again and again, you weakening the concrete griping of the floor, giving rise to swirls. You can avoid this situation by maintaining the pressure of the surface cleaner.

Finding the right outdoor surface cleaner is not an easy task. One wrong step and you are putting a lot at stake! You must first assess your cleaning requirements. Go for high powered pressure washer surface cleaner, if you have a filthy outdoor floor and vice-versa.

Advanced cleaners come with anti-swirl technology and no marking feature, preventing any damage to the mandatory road marks and its quality. With a few measures, you can avoid the swirling patterns on your outdoor floors.

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