Are Shoes that Important?

In this day and age, it is quite strange that some people would argue against the need to wear shoes. True, there are some people in some corners of the world who would never warm up to the idea that their feet are cushioned from touching the ground as they walk and move around. You will be forgiven to assume that barefoot champions are illiterate and detached from reality but that is not entirely true. Why do some people insist that we as humans have no need for shoes when we know how crucial they are? If you do more than stay at home doing house chores and sleeping the day away, then the following reasons for wearing shoes will resonate with you;

Protection from germs

Many barefoot champions will argue against this point saying that the soles of the feet are hard enough to keep germs away. Imagine a foot path where all manner of people walk through – some people relieve themselves in the bushes around and this makes the path rife with bacteria. Assuming that an area of the foot is bruised, such germs can easily contaminate the injury making it elaborate. Alternatively, such germs can lodge in between the fingers where it is warm and moist leading to infections.

Protection from injury

While the majority of us, especially those that live in the cities will want to be wary of how and where they walk so that they do not damage their shoes, the reality is that shoes protect us. Watching before one leap is a phrase that goes around quite a bit but not many are able to do it literary. Shoes come in as the only foot protection that cushions you from injury and excess pressure that could compromise your ability to walk or move around. For people who are used to wearing sneakers, the extra padding inside such shoes is not only comfortable but also a great barrier against injury. Consider eyelet for sneakers as a safety accessory because the laces are neatly and tightly secured to withstand vigorous activity.

Better grip on various terrains

Regardless of what type of path you are walking on, there is a big difference if you wore shoes as opposed to when you are barefooted. In the case of hiking for instance, the type of sole used on such specialized shoes creates the much needed friction to prevent unnecessary slippage. Apart from prevention of exposure from the extreme temperatures as a result of prolonged climatic conditions, shoes offer stability where water, soil, ice and even plants make the path we walk on to be unkind to bare feet.

Correcting posture

People who advocate for walking and moving around barefooted will always support the notion that the best way to develop and maintain good posture is without shoes. Well, they could have a point especially when the best other option you have is a generic pair of sneakers. Good posture is an issue of intention but this is sadly not engrained in everyone. It might be hard maintaining proper posture without shoes but an athletic orthotics pair will do wonders to your posture. What about those who cannot afford an expensive pair to correct their posture? The answer is in the use of orthotic inserts – they will align the ankle, hips, knees, feet, and back.

Barefoot is good but obviously not suited for every place you are supposed to be. It is best to balance the time in shoes and without but make sure that the shoes you wear are of an authentic brand to avoid developing conditions.

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