8 Overlooked Office Germ Lairs That Need Immediate Cleaning

Any office space needs to dedicate time solely to regular cleaning and maintenance. Since the office is a second home for a lot of people, it means that they are bringing in all sorts of dirt into the office.

Another reason you would want to clean the office regularly is that it likely has a centralized air control unit. If someone is sick in the office, it can quickly spread throughout the building. Cleaning it often enough helps prevent the spread of disease between people in the office.

Now that you know the importance of cleaning your office, it’s time to learn about the overlooked areas that require more attention. Next time you hire someone to clean the office, consider asking them to pay extra attention to these areas.

Door knobs and commonly touched surfaces

Door knobs, no matter where you are, are one of the most commonly touched surfaces anywhere, especially in the office. Germs can quickly spread from one person to the next through a doorknob. If you don’t clean doorknobs often, then it can be the cause of a lot of people in your office getting sick during the flu season.

Therefore, if you are cleaning the office or you’re hiring people, remind them to wipe down the doorknobs. It’s a simple cleaning task that people often overlooked, and yet it has a massive impact on the entirety of people who work in your office.

Furniture and upholstery

The office furniture and upholstery also need particular attention. Please don’t wait until these look dirty before you consider cleaning them. Even if they don’t look like it, your office furniture and upholstery are collecting dirt and germs too. Wiping them down every once in a while with an all-purpose cleaner is enough to keep the dust at bay.

Light fixtures

Light fixtures are harder to reach, which makes them often forgotten when people are cleaning the office. However, these fixtures can collect a lot of thought, which can trigger some people’s allergies. Please don’t wait until you notice that a light fixture is gathering a lot of dust before you thoroughly clean them. They last longer if you wash them often anyway.

Cubicle walls

When you’re thinking about cleaning particular places in your office, the first thing you need to look at would be your cubicles. According to Maid Sailors Commercial Cleaning Service New York, you shouldn’t neglect the cleanliness of your cubicles since these are the places that people in the office touch the most.

Sure, you might be cleaning the floors, but you might be forgetting to pay attention to the walls too. Over time, the more you neglect cleaning your cubicle walls, the more disgusting they look. The more disgusting they look, the likelier they are to become breeding grounds for germs, bacteria, and, of course, viruses.

If your cubicle walls are out of fabric, then there is all the more reason to clean them often. Dirt, dust, and bacteria cling to the material more so you need to be mindful of how regularly you wash them.

Window curtains and blinds

Window curtains and blinds are also an essential part of your office that needs cleaning. Whenever you clean your windows, also make sure that you include the curtains and blinds. Again, these can gather dust and can affect people with respiratory problems. Cleaning them often, in the long run, is going to make them last longer so you won’t have to replace them.


Computers are a vital tool in the office, and yet they don’t get as much cleaning as they should be having. It would be best if you cleaned your computer as often as you clean your desk and your chair. A clean computer will break down less often, which will reduce the number of times you have to replace them or get them fixed.

Office kitchen appliances

Cleaning the office’s refrigerator and microwave are also a cleaning task people overlook. These are communal appliances, so they get more use than the average household appliance. Therefore, you should clean them more often than you’re probably doing right now.

Vents and ducts

Your office’s vents and ducts affect indoor air quality, so you have to make sure that you don’t make them dirty. Not only will it affect your employees’ health, but it will also make your air conditioning unit less effective. Get a professional to clean them often and maintain them so that they last long.

Over to You

When you prioritize the cleanliness of your office, you aren’t only maintaining proper hygiene, although that is important. You are also saving the office a lot of money in the long run. After all, a replacement is much more expensive than maintenance.

On that note, make sure that you don’t overlook the common office breeding grounds for germs listed in this article. That way, you can have a happy and healthy working environment for everyone.

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