7 Techniques By Which Lawyers Can Gain New Customers From Video Content Creation

Video marketing ticks all the boxes if you want to have successful law firm marketing strategies. Video marketing can not only help you to improve your search rankings and increase engagement with your intended target group, but also help convince potential customers that you’re the right law firm for the job.

Why is Video Marketing Effective?

Video marketing is useful because it gets results. In 2020, 1 billion hours of YouTube video content are watched every day. While conventional marketing strategies like print, direct mail, or referrals, may at present be working for your law firm, your business can get a competitive edge by growing it digitally.

By following these seven video content creation strategies, you can gain new customers:

1. Undertake SEO

Before you begin composing content for your firm’s video marketing, make sure that you do a proper keyword research and find common catchphrases that people search for. This is just as straightforward as visiting YouTube and typing in the initial letters of an applicable search term. Take a look at YouTube’s autofill suggestions. You can do something very similar with Google and also use keyword optimizer tools available on the Internet. From that point, visualize and plan your video around the search term.

2. Quality Script

The video content should evoke a connection in the viewer’s mind, the prerequisite of this is having a good script. A decent video has a proper introduction, high sound quality, and a cohesive structure. The key to a good script is to have a conversational tone so as to engage the viewer completely. A handy tip is to practice reading the script in front of your friends and family so that you can nail it in front of the camera.

3. Creating Customer Testimonials

Your forthcoming clients need to know how you managed to win cases for your current customers. That’s where video testimonials come into the picture.

Testimonials are an incredible tool to create social proof in the minds of prospective customers. These testimonials can indeed help your law firm to gain more trust and convince future clients that you know what you are doing. Testimonials should incorporate customers explaining how your law firm managed to help them win the criminal case.

4. Create Educational Content

In the initial stages, before people are prepared to hire an attorney, they’re usually looking for content that helps them get educated about a specific legal issue.

Individuals use video to learn. Research indicates that people are four times more likely to watch videos to educate themselves rather than reading plain text. Tailor your videos for the sort of instructive searches that individuals are looking for in the initial stages and answer the inquiries that your intended target group is asking.

5. Make a point to include captions

Make a point to include subtitles, no matter what platform you are creating content for. Numerous people watch videos without sound – they may be in a setting where listening with sound isn’t possible, or they would prefer not to get their earphones out. 85% of videos on Facebook are viewed with the audio turned off. Regardless of what setting your audience is in, captions make it possible for them to watch your video.

6. Lawyer Profiles 

Another helpful type of video is video interviews with lawyers. A potential client hoping to employ a legal counselor to fight a case will need to know somewhat about that individual before they get to the telephone.  They need to hear them talk about their educational qualifications, the cases they’ve won, the kinds of individuals they’ve worked with, and how they approach cases.

This is particularly significant for firms with numerous lawyers. Make video recordings presenting every lawyer individually. The content should revolve around their proficiency – why they studied law, what type of cases they work on, and highlighting their personal details – where they’re from, and their anecdotes.

7. Strictly Include Call To Action (CTA) 

Call To Action is really significant when you’re creating video content. After watching the video, people should know the relevant details so that they can contact you.

Instances of Call to Action are – For Free Consultation: Call XYZ, Visit the website to know more, Click the link in the video description, etc.

8. Utilize Multiple Platforms 

Hurray! You have explored, executed, and your video recordings are finished. It sounds great! What’s next?  Get your videos to work for you. Upload them on multiple platforms where they are likely to be viewed by your intended interest group.

Why Should You Choose InVideo?

You might not have the unlimited assets to hire video editors and advertisers – however, that shouldn’t deter you from delivering top-notch video content to market your law firm. InVideo is a photo video maker free download creation platform that empowers you to create professional videos in a matter of minutes. You can utilize your own recordings or browse stock footage and also include relevant text, images, and fonts.

They have an intuitive UI, which is easy for even beginners to comprehend. This straightforward and useful tool lets you make creative videos required for your marketing efforts.

You can now boost your business with enthralling videos made in practically no time. They have an assortment of video templates that empower you to swiftly produce high-quality video content.

You can discover the templates by utilizing the search box or by utilizing explicit watchwords or by browsing through categories. All you have to do is to simply pick your preferred video template and a fitting font style that will accompany it. You don’t require any specific knowledge in designing or video making. Making video content has been made simpler than any time in recent memory.

InVideo also gives you the inventive opportunity to make your videos stand apart from the crowd through various customization choices. Make changes to the text, background, images, color schemes, and audio at the click of a button.

They have various templates that will enable you to create a compelling call to action, which can help you to promote your law firm, drive traffic to your website as well as to boost brand awareness.

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