6 Ways How Mobile Devices Have Changed Online Shopping in India

The world of e-commerce has gone through a massive transformation because of mobile devices. Since the inception of smartphones, countless things have changed. The transition has introduced the world to a new concept which is called mobile commerce. The accessibility of mobile phones has made this trend possible.

From the best smartphone under 15000 to high-cost handsets, customers have a diverse range of devices at their disposal. This ease of availability has eventually led to the current mobile online shopping trend. Customers are not willing to endure the annoyance of the retail shopping process when they can purchase their preferred mobile phones online without facing a multitude of customer care executives.

Mobile technology has played a big role in changing the shopping industry of India. Here are 6 ways mobile online shopping has changed India.

Opportunity Expansion 

This is perhaps the most significant transformation Indian shopping has witnessed. The availability of advanced phones at a budget price has enabled the users to explore more shopping options. The best smartphone under 15000, like Samsung Galaxy M31, comes with features to allow the customers to make purchases at their own convenience and comfort.

Before the inception of smartphones, online shopping has been restricted to a particular location only. Customers had the freedom of purchasing from their desktop computers or their laptops. However, the increasing penetration of smartphones has completely altered the situation. Customers now have an Internet connection at their disposal all the time. This luxury has expanded the shopping opportunity of modern-day users.

Reduction Of Cost & Time

Because smartphones provide the luxury of continuous Internet connection at a very affordable price, the online shopping industry has seen a significant dip in search cost. In addition to this, the quality of users’ selection has gone through a massive improvement. Keeping pace with these two significant transformations, the shopping behavior of the customers has changed. The lure of consistency in obtaining quality results has eventually opened the path for more shopping.

The use of smartphones in shopping has not been restricted to online purchases only. Conveniently, smartphone use has surpassed the limitation of the digital world and stepped inside retail stores as well. Moder-day retail stores encourage the customers to scan barcodes for making payments and viewing the price lists. This practice has helped in time-saving for both parties.

Purchase Behaviour

The mobile online shopping trend has brought transformation in every aspect of the Indian shopping process. Customers’ purchase behavior is a crucial aspect that has gone through an in-depth transformation. With the surge in smartphone use, users have become more accustomed to comparing products before making any purchase decision. While this has given rise to healthy competition amidst the online stores, on the downside, such behavior sometimes leads to sales drops. It has been studied and seen that mobile users’ purchase instinct lasts for a short while. More than often, this instinct disappears due to too much browsing.

In addition to this, modern-day customers lean heavily on customer reviews. Before buying any product, they explore the review sections. This behavior has eventually led to product quality improvement. To attract the attention of the customers, manufacturers now offer high-quality products.

Brand Loyalty

Smartphones are responsible for brand loyalties in many ways. Even the best smartphone under 15000 like Redmi Note 10 comes with limited screen space. The scarcity does not offer the freedom of too much exploration. Thus, the customers find themselves with limited space. Due to the lack of opportunity for too much browsing, customers tend to go back to the brands they trust.

Simply due to this reason, online stores which provide smooth shopping ability earn customers’ respect and loyalty. This trend has made online stores improve the mobile shopping experience. Everyone has realized that once the customer comes to trust a brand, they come back to it frequently for future purchases.

Improved Functionality

Customer experience depends largely on functionality. The e-commerce brands have understood that modern customers expect a simplified shopping experience. They want a platform that enables them to browse with ease and allows them to add items to the cart without any complication. Added to these two aspects, mobile shoppers look for easy payment options as well. These three key functionality can elevate an e-commerce store to the top. Thus, the brands ensure responsive platforms to allow mobile users to shop easily.

Improved Reliability  

The growth in mobile shopping has made the brands provide reliable services. The frequently faced challenge in the e-commerce industry is – the large number of brand availability. If a brand fails to meet the customers’ expectations, they don’t think twice before opting for another brand. To retain customers, the brands ensure reliability.

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