4 Things to Do Before Undergoing a Cosmetic Procedure

You’ve decided to have some type of cosmetic procedure. Whether it’s an eye lift or something more intense like a nose job, there are things you need to address after being approved and before undergoing the procedure. As professionals like Dr.Kristina Zakhary, rhinoplasty surgeon will tell you, preparation goes a long way toward making the recovery period easier. Here are four essentials to address before your surgery date.

Schedule Time Off Work

It’s a good idea to arrange for more time off work than you think is necessary. Even with a minor procedure, you may want an extra day or two just for relaxing and getting ready to get back to the usual routine. This is also a chance for a little more of the swelling or bruising to fade before you spend time around your coworkers.

How do you determine how much time is needed? Start with the projected period recommended by the surgeon. If the suggestion is two weeks, consider asking for three. Even if there are no complications at all, you’ll enjoy the time for yourself.

Buy Everything You’ll Need for the Recovery Period

You’ll be doing a lot of resting at home after being released. For this reason, plan ahead. Make sure the refrigerator and freezer are stocked with plenty of good things to eat. Having books on hand to read will help, along with access to all the movies you’ve wanted to watch but never had time for in the past. Medical supplies as recommended by the surgeon should also be on hand.

The goal is to make sure you don’t have to go out for anything, especially during those first days after being released. By making home as comfortable as possible, you’ll be less tempted to wander.

Go Over Medications and Over the Counter Products With the Surgeon

In the days before the procedure, do go over every prescription medication that you’re taking with the surgeon. Some of them may need to be stopped a day or two before the procedure. That’s especially true with anything that thins the blood. The goal is to ensure that you avoid any complications that would otherwise arise.

The same holds true for any vitamin or herbal supplements that you take. Some of them may also thin the blood or cause other effects that could complicate the surgery. Remember that you can usually resume taking them in the days after the procedure is complete.

Have The Financial Aspect Settled in Advance

Unless you’re having a procedure to restore your appearance after an accident, insurance is not likely to cover the surgery. That means you will have to cover the costs yourself. This can be done with cash, the money from a medical loan, or possibly using a credit card balance.

Make sure you know what the cost will be. For example, the typical rhinoplasty price is between $7,500-10,000 plus GST, so plan on coming up with a means to cover the entire balance. Doing so means one less thing to worry about once the work is done.

There are other things that deserve attention in the days leading up to the procedure. You surgeon will provide suggestions as well as instructions for your recuperative period. Make good use of all of them and the recovery will be a lot easier.

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