10 Best Wix Referral Platforms

Affiliate marketing has gained a lot of popularity due to its high success and conversion rates over the years. Your efforts as a business owner are only deemed worthwhile when you strive to satisfy customers and when these customers, in turn, spread the word about the products or services they have purchased. Knowing how customers are less likely to give referrals, it is only reasonable that you provide them with the nudge using a reward-based program dependent on their ability to refer new customers.

To do this, you require referral platforms that help you monitor lead conversion rates, as well as rewards to give. No matter what e-commerce platform or website host you operate on, there are referral platforms that can help you develop a means to invite your customers to take on your referral programs.

But if you use Wix, there are unique referral platforms that are best suited for you.

Developers have managed to create more than a few, so there is an array for you to choose from. So, here is a list of the best Wix referral platforms available on the market:

OSI Wix Affiliate Software

The OSI affiliate software is a favorite among business owners who use Wix, and it is not hard to see why. This platform is wholly directed at maximizing the word-of-mouth approach to marketing. It provides you with the means to make your customers the foremost brand advocates for your business.

This software has an all-in-one approach that helps you to identify the customers who are most likely to give referrals by helping you send out a one-question email survey.

It also provides you with templates for your website’s landing page, such that your choice of design can still intertwine with your marketing efforts. It then incorporates influencer marketing methods by providing promo codes that customers or influencers can use to pull in more customers. And the best part is how this software supports social media sharing. Customers can easily share your pre-written marketing posts or graphics to any major social network with one tap.


The Ambassify platform is a good one for converting your customers to your foremost brand advocates. It merely requires that you import your existing customer contacts. After doing this, Ambassify helps you run simple campaigns to help you identify those brand advocates that are best for your business. The most significant feature of this platform is the integrated messaging service that would help you build great customer relationships. It also monitors the referral efforts of each customer by attaching points to their marketing efforts.


This app is one of the most stress-free methods through which your customers can refer their friends to your business. Since it is mobile-friendly, you can expect that customers would be more inclined to use it. The app enables your customers to share friends with your business, such that you can use their contacts as leads. These leads would most likely be the most useful to you, as your customers would mostly share contacts that require your goods or services.


This platform has a design that convinces people who are visiting your website not just to purchase your goods or service but also to share your products before they do. RewardReach has identified and created a marketing solution for the problem that causes shoppers to abandon carts and not make purchases. By providing a coupon and tying access to this coupon to sharing products on social media platforms, RewardReach offers you the means to reduce customer acquisition costs. Every successful purchase results in lead generation.

Post Affiliate Pro

The post affiliate pro platform is great for people who run online businesses or earn income using affiliate marketing options. It helps you manage your campaigns directed at getting more customers. This platform allows you to monitor your marketing campaigns and the commission tied to successful referrals. It also scrutinizes the referral chains to tell who is performing well and who is not. Post affiliate pro does a great job of creating a system that handles campaigns, makes reports of campaigns, and oversees rewards payouts.

Tap Affiliate

This affiliate marketing platform brings you an easy way of creating campaigns to promote your business and increase your sales. It allows you to import your existing affiliates and even add more by using a simple invite URL. It supports email campaigns that are very effective in collating leads. The Tap Affiliate program allows your customers to share your pre-written posts, links, banners, or videos to boost social media sharing efforts. All of these ties together to bring you an efficient marketing platform.

Brand Ambassador App

The brand ambassador app is simply what its name implies; an app for your brand ambassadors. This app allows you to not only import your list of existing brand advocates but enables you to create customized ones that let you win over new ones. It can be used for all affiliate marketing types but is most useful for influencer marketing and customer referrals. This app helps you generate referral codes to help build sales and allow you to engage your customer base via social media. It also monitors the leads and efforts of your brand ambassadors to assist with reward tracking.


The Associative app has a design meant to help users increase and monitor sales efforts through affiliate marketing. It enables you to drive traffic to your sales page by incentivizing the process which brings customers to you. By setting up campaigns and marketing funnels that require minimal effort, this app provides you with a solution that drastically reduces customer acquisition’s overhead cost. It goes on to handle payouts to affiliates such that you do not have to be bothered about the methods of issuing rewards.

Affiliate Integrate by Huckleberry, Inc

The Affiliate Integrate app was built by Huckleberry Inc for Shopify. It allows you to integrate your affiliate links to your website in a way that will enable you to promote sales. It charges no cost for your first release campaign and allows you access to the largest networks of value commerce. It does not require intensive technical know-how as it is beginner-friendly. This app also helps you to monitor the ASP corporation, which drives sales intensively. You can also monitor orders and set affiliate offers.

Beauty Clout

The beauty clout platform is exceptional when it concerns linking business owners in the beauty industry to beauty influencers to help promote sales. This platform allows you access to a list of influencers whose demographics match what you desire for your campaign. It will enable you to create and monitor campaigns that would help you grow your brand visibility. It is designed on a system that allows influencers to share links to your products and get paid for it.

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