Use Apps to Keep Track of All Your Medications in One Convenient Place

It can be tough to keep up will all of the medications you take on a daily basis; especially if you have to take different amounts at different times of the day. At least, we certainly think so. That’s why we decided to do some digging to see exactly what resources are out there and potential ways we can cut back on the time and energy it takes to keep up with medications on a daily basis.

So, of course, when we discovered there are apps on the market for this exact purpose, we knew we had to give them a try. We’ve selected our top three apps and included a review of each one so you can easily pick one that works for you and your lifestyle.

Pill Reminder & Medication Tracker – Rating: 4.6, Downloads: 1M

Pill Reminder offers just that: reminders for vitamins, medications, fertility drugs and any other kind of medicine you take on a regular basis. It helps to keep you and your family notified and on track about what medication you need to take next; there are even dosage reminders so you never take more than you need. Plus, Pill Reminder is free and has more than 20 health measurements, like cholesterol or blood glucose levels, that you can monitor to easily keep track of your overall health.

Unfortunately, the coupon/prescription drug discount card feature is only available for app users in the United States at the moment. We’re hoping that this will expand in the near future, but if a discount is what you’re currently after, then you do have to be in the U.S. for now.

Pros: Pill reminders for any type of medication, even vitamins, more than 20 types of health measurements

Cons: The coupon and discount card feature can only be used by app users and customers in the United States
Overall: As long as you live in the U.S., you’ll enjoy all the perks of medication discounts and reminders for the meds you need to take at any given time of the day

Mango Health – Rating: 1.5, Downloads: 100K

Like a traditional medication tracking app, Mango Health will remind you when it is time to take your meds. But it certainly doesn’t stop here: in addition, it will also keep count of your individual pills and dosages so you know when it’s time to renew your prescription. Avoid the last-minute rush to the pharmacy; everything you need to keep track of your medication is in one place – right in the palm of your hand.

If you’re looking for a complicated app, then this isn’t the one for you. Okay, okay, we realize this is not a negative, but we couldn’t really think of anything negative to say about Mango Health.

Pros: Track your medications, keep track of individual pill count and dosages
Cons: It’s not complicated – if that’s what you’re looking for, then you’ll have to look elsewhere

Overall: A great app for keeping track of your medications and dosages so you never have to worry about last-minute rushes to the pharmacy

CareZone – Rating: 4.5, Downloads: 1M

CareZone makes it easier than ever to monitor your medications by allowing you to take a picture of your pill bottle. The app will then scan the bottle and use the information to help you stay on track of when you need to take your meds and when it’s time to request a refill. In addition, you can also use CareZone to track other health factors like pain or glucose levels so you can view your progress in an easily viewable, simplified chart.

There is something we suggest you keep in mind before downloading this app: if you only take one medication (and this is the only one you want to keep track of), you might think CareZone offers too many features. If you’re overwhelmed easily, then this may not be the app for you. However, if you want to make sure you have room to add more meds, then this is a great choice.

Pros: Monitor your health levels for things like pain or glucose, snap a picture of your pill bottle to keep up with your meds

Cons: Has a lot of features, so not great for people looking for a super simple app

Overall: As long as you don’t mind having a feature-rich app at your fingertips, you’ll easily be able to monitor your health and your meds all in one place


We’ve had a really rewarding time trying these apps, and it’s made keeping track of medications so much simpler and easier. Don’t want to take our word for it? We totally get that; sometimes it’s better to just take a deep dive into the research yourself, so we’ve added a link to the source we used below.

Best 10 Medication Tracking Apps

If keeping track of your medications is something you struggle with, or even if you’re just trying to become more organized in your personal life, then we cannot recommend these three apps enough. You will be organized in absolutely no time and all and with incredibly minimal effort – it’s great!

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