Thermal Binding Guide – Complete Information

Thermal binding is the application of heat to bind documents together. It is the modern method of binding that produces world-class results.

There are other methods of binding but this method offers attractive and sleek looking documents and books.

Thermal binding machines such as those manufactured by the industry leaders have the capacity of binding several documents within just a minute.

They use a special glue to seal the spine of the material, thus giving it a pleasant and professional appearance. In addition, thermal binding also enables you to smoothly add or eliminate pages that have already been tied up.

Plus, thermal binding also performs both binding and padding which is essential in saving a significant amount of money.

If you are impressed with what you have read about thermal binding but you’re still wondering how to do it, here’s a concise, step by step breakdown of the process.

1. Set up your thermal binding machine

There are lots of thermal binding devices in the market, but among the best is the Unibind brand. This is a fully-featured business machine that has been producing high-end documents for many blue-chip companies worldwide. So, the first step is setting up your thermal binding machine.

Make sure that the device is fully functional before the binding process. Read the user’s manual and familiarize yourself with the machine.

2. Get the correct size of thermal binding cover

Getting the appropriate sizes will ensure that your document will fit right with the cover and will bind securely. A wrong size will result in an unevenness with the cover and the pages.

3. Jog your document pages into place

When you have selected the right cover, you have to jog your pages into place. It is essential to make sure the pages align correctly and are adequately squared. Margins should also be even. After this, flip through them to your fingers to ensure that none of the pages are stuck together.

4. Place document in the machine

The proper way of doing this is to place them with the spine side down. Make sure to take a second look on the front page to ensure that it sticks to the glue. Often times, static electricity can fasten the front page to the cover instead of the glue.

5. Press the power button

Once you do this, the machine will start the binding process and will alert you when it is done. Place your documents on the rack. This is to allow fresh air to harden the adhesive on the spine side.

6. Your document is ready

Once properly cooled, your paper is ready. You can now flip through the pages to make sure everything is in order.

In using thermal binding machines, you must get a good brand like Unibind with excellent features and a good energy efficiency rating. Note that the professional and clean look of the final product depends on the quality of the thermal binding cover used. Getting a good one should not be a challenge as there are several quality brands to choose from.

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