Ways to Donate to a Charity – Small Guide to Charitable Giving

Donating to charity is a great way to give back to society. It is one of the noblest gestures that you can do.  Whether as an individual, family, organization, or government, anyone can donate to charity.

If you are interested in doing this service, here are different ways to donate to charity.

1.   Through Private or Family Foundations

Donating to a private or family foundation is one of the time-trusted ways of giving to charity. Many families that want to maintain their values and legacies set up these foundations and form a board of trustees to finance and run it.

Among the most popular examples of these foundations are the Rockefeller Foundation and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

2.   Your Checkbook

Donating a chequebook ranks tops among the most preferred ways to donate. We all agree that it is a simple and direct way to make payments to charities, particularly in your locality.

Checkbook payments are perfect alternatives when online nonprofit payment processing systems are not available. However, the latter is more suited to long-distance charity donations.

3.   Giving Community

This is a group of people with similar interests who have come together to form a community of givers. They usually make periodic contributions which they donate to certain charities of their interest.

4. Via Online Portals

This option involves crowd funding, a system that flourishes through aggregated giving from online donors to help in a chosen cause. It is a method that is gaining massive popularity nowadays.

This involves making an online plea for a charitable cause. Then, incorporate a convenient nonprofit payment processing system that enables donors to fill out online forms and submit payments. With this online setup in place, you can create a large pool of aggregated contributions.

5. Through Direct Giving

Direct giving is the oldest form of charity. They often have offices where interested donors can walk in, get information about the different charitable activities and cause, then provide cash after filling a donor’s register for the sake of accountability and recognition.

6. Giving Your Time

This practically means that anyone can contribute to charity, whether wealthy or not. Donating your time through volunteering can be fulfilling and impactful.

Aside from cash, some organizations and charitable foundations may need extra hands to perform their activities and make a difference in society. You can volunteer for the care of the elderly, to help rebuild homes, lend a helping hand by participating in cleanup drives or fundraising programs.

7. Religious Organizations

For religious groups, accepting donations are considered as a common practice. It gives other people, especially the working class, an opportunity to serve and help out on missionary and outreach programs.

Giving to charity allows us to extend our help to others. These donations are invested for the improvement of the lives of other people, especially the poor and marginalized. This can be very fulfilling and it gives joy knowing that the donations, no matter how big or small, can change lives.

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