Questions to Ask Before Applying for Arizona Medical Marijuana Card

Due to the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act or Arizona Proposition 203 passed in 2010, there are no state-level criminal penalties on possession and use of medical cannabis in the state. If you have an Arizona medical marijuana card, you can possess no more than 2.5 ounces of medical cannabis.

Also, the law has limited the number of dispensaries in the state to 124, allowing patients living farther than 25 miles from the nearest dispensary to grow weed at home. There are many such important aspects of MMJ regulations in the state. Before applying for a card, it will help if you understand them. Ask these questions to make it easy.

What is the Process of Getting an MMJ Card in Arizona?

You can apply online through a trusted portal or Arizona Department of Health Services website. Some portals allow you to book an appointment with a physician and get consultation through video chat. It brings more speed to the process of application and obtaining the MMJ card.

The cost of obtaining the card in Arizona is $150 per year or $75 for patients eligible for SNAP or supplemental nutrition assistance program in the state. After getting approval from the doctor, you will receive your permanent MMJ card having a unique identification number.

What are the Qualifying Medical Conditions in Arizona?

Nearly 85% of MMJ cardholders in Arizona cited chronic pain as a debilitating condition for medical cannabis in 2015. Apart from this, cancer and PTSD are the most cited qualifying conditions in the state.

Other medical conditions that make your eligible for an Arizona medical marijuana card include sclerosis, glaucoma, Parkinson’s disease, HIV/AIDS, spasticity, epilepsy, inflammatory bowel disease, anorexia, cachexia, severe nausea, wasting syndrome, spasms, and neuropathies.

Can You Get a DUI for Using Medical Cannabis in Arizona?

According to a ruling by Arizona Supreme Court passed in 2015, there is no immunity for drivers who test positive for medical marijuana or its metabolites.

In 2016, another ruling asserted that MMJ cardholders driving under the influence of marijuana could prove in the court that they did not have a high compound of cannabis in their body to result in impairment. It requires cross-examination of witnesses or testimony and evidence provided by defendants.

Can You Own a Gun and Use Medical Cannabis in Arizona?

According to federal laws, you may be prohibited from having firearms if you use marijuana. The federal government instructed gun dealers not to issue ammunition or guns to people holding an MMJ card. But, medical cannabis laws in Arizona do not prohibit users of this drug from owning firearms.

How Can You Renew Your MMJ Card in Arizona?

Once your card expires, you need to reapply for the same to continue your medicine. The process is simple and accessible online. Try to apply for the renewal before 90 days of the expiration date on your current MMJ card.

The fee for a renewal application is the same as that for the new application. You may need several documents to include current photographs, physician certificate, patient attestation form, and SNAP eligibility documents if required.

With these questions, you will know all the crucial details about obtaining the MMJ card in Arizona State.

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