Still Not Using Automated Screenshot Service? Here’s why you should

The era of tough competition has not spared anyone. All the economic activities in the organizations are directed either to earn profits or to earn the top spot on the virtual game or both. Automated Website Screenshots have been helping organizations to succeed in their journey on a regular and timely basis. Here’s how it can help you too:

Fight competition

It is not an easy job to keep pace with the fast-growing world and at the same time, play ahead of the competitors. Automated screenshots rendered immense help in such situations as they can keep a tab on your competitors and their activities by generating regular screenshots of their websites and social media channels. In this way, the organizations don’t need to allot a special task force or a dedicated time for competitors tracking.

Easy Accessibility

Automated Screenshots tools and software are easily available on the web such as Still. Mac and Windows also support most of the tools and do not create any fuss. Easy Installation and user-friendly interface make it all the better. The only thing the user is required to do is to download the EXE file and then run it on their device.

Rank on the search engine

Search engines use a lot of algorithms to display what they show as results which are usually based on the website’s popularity, usability and most importantly, relativity with the searched item. Automated screenshots will help the organization to track their results on these search platforms so that they can amend their strategies accordingly.

Determining the trend

People’s preferences are changing day by day. New trends are introduced and withdrawn very quickly. For the enterprises to keep a check on these ongoing alterations and track their own rankings on their respective platforms becomes very difficult. Automated screenshots help you determine the ongoing trends without any manual effort.

Check the content’s publication

The online websites earn revenue through advertisements that they display on their sites and channels. Advertisers can check whether their contents are rightfully displayed on the concerned website or not with the help of screenshots.

Personal tracking

People who wish to keep a history of their own activities on their computer can also use the feature of automated screenshots to take screenshots at regular intervals for them to see and review their activities later on.

Easy operation and maintenance

Automated screenshots tools are very user-friendly. Screenshots taken are automatically saved ether on the cloud or on the device, in a properly arranged format. Companies can update the URLs that they wish to be captured and then save them according to their priority.

Easy sharing

Enterprises using automated software can easily share and sync their screenshots in their Dropbox or cloud. They don’t need to spend extra time or effort to upload them on the drive. Plus, employees can easily share their screenshots among their team members or colleagues when required.

Better than primitive methods

Many times when we try to take a screenshot using the ‘PrtSc’ key, it fails. In such situations, automated screenshots come out as a savior since it captures your screen at every given interval. Not just that, but it saves all the screenshots immediately and without any inconvenience. Unlike PrtScr, we do not have to manually store it somewhere.

Keeps track of time

Individuals can use automated screenshots to follow not just to keep a history of what they did but to also know the duration that they spent working in front of the computer. They can easily identify the number of hours spent in front of the screens and measure it with the amount of productive work done to avoid drainage of time.

Retrieval of data

Companies and individuals can easily recover their lost data with the help of daily screenshots. The screenshots taken at regular intervals can be used to extract data in the text form. They keep you covered for times of crisis.

Website Management

In order to keep up with the fast pacing virtual world, companies need to take care of their website in a modest manner. They need to check whether it is updated but to constantly visit the website is a tedious task. So instead, you can just time screenshots and surf through the images at your leisure.

In the world of ‘survival of the fittest,’ you need to be prepared for every probable battle. Automated screenshots keep you informed so that your crafted strategies aim for the win.

Pankaj Singh is a senior digital marketing executive having 2 years of experience in SEO, SMM, SMO, blogging, etc with a wide range of content marketing skills. He is well-qualified literate in this field.

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